Vimcal launches a calendar designed for executive assistants


The world’s fastest calendar, now for those who plan on behalf of others.

NEW YORK, November 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vimcalthe ultra-fast calendar designed for remote work, announces the launch of a new product – Maestro – a calendar designed for executive and virtual assistants, chiefs of staff and other administrators who plan on behalf of others.

“After personally onboarding our first thousand users, I noticed that there was a clear dilemma between calendar products: all scheduling software is designed for personal use, not scheduling on behalf of others. people,” said the CEO. John Li. “There are nearly 10 million executive assistants worldwide, but even after the rise of remote working, almost no tools are designed for their daily use – we’re changing that with Maestro.”

Currently, executive assistants and virtual assistants who manage calendars on behalf of others are forced to juggle multiple software to schedule a single meeting, risking double booking for their clients. It gets exponentially more complicated when scheduling two or more executives, which is the case for over 75% of assistants.

Maestro is a next-generation calendar specifically designed to better manage a calendar on behalf of the busiest executives. Maestro’s unique components designed specifically for this scenario include:

  • Multi-time zone conversion – allows clear and easy booking across multiple time zones in one view.
  • Unique tabs for each leader – Clean, individual calendars for each person you support.
  • Group survey – Designed to create easy membership from large groups of potential meeting attendees with equally busy schedules.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for each operation – It usually takes 77 clicks on old calendar booking tools to find available times and create bookings until you get a response. Vimcal only requires 8.
  • Custom templates for events – Helps book frequent meetings faster.

In early testing, Maestro saved users an hour a day with a combination of the features above.

For more information or to join Maestro’s waiting list, please visit Every new user will receive a premium onboarding call to familiarize themselves with the tool and set up their account.

About Vimcal

Vimcal is the world’s fastest calendar, beautifully designed for the remote worker. It was founded in 2018 and was part of YCombinator batch S18. It was the #1 Product of the month on the search for products in October 2021. Vimcal’s investors include world-class operators such as founders and CEOs of Airbnb, YouTube, Twitter, etc.



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