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Meeting reminders can be tricky to navigate. Even if you receive a notification 10 or 30 minutes before the meeting, you might forget to join or have trouble finding the meeting link moments before joining. Magical, a productivity company, aims to solve these problems with a Chrome extension called timeOS. This extension displays your next meeting details on every new tab you open.

The timeOS extension works in a simple way. After installing it, the extension will ask you to sign in with your Google account to sync your calendar. Once the synchronization is complete, it will display your next meeting on the new tab page.

The timeOS extension displays your next meeting on every new tab. Picture credits: Magical

You can quickly join the meeting from this page with a shortcut CMD/Ctrl+J or get a pop-up reminder to join one minute before the meeting starts. Moreover, the tool also reminds you to conclude your meeting on time so that you can move on to other tasks.

Picture credits: Magical

The new tab page also features a Notes section that you can open via a CMD/Ctrl+I shortcut. The default notes template – with the team working on importing customizable templates – features an Agenda section for jotting down meeting items and a Next Steps section to list follow-ups or tasks discussed before and during the meeting. You can also sync your notes with your Notion account using this guide. This will also create a database of all meetings in Notion, so you can quickly refer to notes from different meetings.

The timeOS extension is only part of the meeting solution that Magical aims to create. The company has raised $6 million to date from investors including Resolute Ventures, Ibex Investors, Aviv Growth Partners, ORR Partners and Homeward Ventures.

Magical co-founder Tommy Barav told TechCrunch on a call that the idea behind creating timeOS was to make meeting details more accessible.

“We believe that time is very valuable for working professionals. So, with the timeOS extension, we wanted to take the hassle out of finding meeting details and easily capture meeting notes. We wanted to simplify meeting management and save time for our users,” he said.

The startup is now working on integrating more tools with timeOS like Slack for communication, Trello, Monday.com for project management, and Jira for issue tracking. Additionally, there are other features like tagging your teammates in upcoming tasks in the pipeline.

The company is also testing Magical — an eponymous calendar product for teams to eliminate unnecessary meetings — in a closed beta. The product aims to reduce meeting spam by introducing features such as displaying the best time slots for scheduling meetings with your teammate and displaying the time zone they are in when scheduling a meeting.

“We live in a world where we face inflation. People spam themselves with useless meeting invites. We see the calendar as a bridge between synchronous and asynchronous communication. We want to provide tools for people to easily skip meetings and still get all the information,” Barav said.

“Tools like Calendly allow you to schedule meetings faster, compounding the problem of meeting spam. And people are just overwhelmed with how many meetings they have in a week.

Picture credits: Magical

The team also wants to introduce features such as notifying the organizer if their teammates have a busy day and prompting them to find a better time for the meeting. The company aims to open Magical to public access by the end of this year.


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