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The Talking Pools podcast recently celebrated a pretty big milestone with its show reaching #43 in the “How To” section of Apple Podcasts ( The “How To” category typically includes an audience of homeowners and DIYers looking for some great advice. To be in position #43 is a feat in itself. With over 850,000 podcasts, it’s a good indicator that the show has started to break through and catch on with listeners outside of the pool industry.

The team behind Talking Pools are industry professionals Rudy Stankowitz, Andrea Nannini Heather Linton, Kelli Clancy and Dan Lenz. Dedicated to giving back to the industry, the group finds the time to coordinate to record episodes during their off hours between pool maintenance and maintenance.

One of the things that perhaps sets Talking Pools apart from other pool-related podcasts, including ours, is the show’s unique spontaneous format. It often brings to mind listening to your favorite radio show on your morning commute to work.

Best-selling author, CPO trainer and co-host of Talking Pools Rudy Stankowitz shared his thoughts on what their new hit show is and why it’s quickly becoming a favorite among pool industry professionals.

Talking Pools is unique entertainment

“Talking Pools is talking about real billiards. It’s about the sharing of information, the conversations you would have with another pool pro in the vending machine parking lot; that’s what we’re looking for,” Stankowitz said.

“We have the right hosts in place to make sure a listener doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel; that they can avoid the typical pitfalls that a service company or a builder might face, only one with less than ten years of experience and two with more than thirty years each,” Stankowitz explained, “I think I can talk to the name of the five professional pool hosts of the Talking Pools podcast and say that the purpose of this podcast is to benefit listeners. A casual interview, but eons of the standard interview podcast format. We mostly talk about our own experiences. Just pool pros talking pool.

You never know who will stop by Talking Pools – Rudy Stankowitz & Jeff Hampe (Pools in Hampe / 14psi Industry Show)

In each episode, you will hear a lot of witty banter about day-to-day issues in addition to the topic of the pool du jour which is being served that day. Perhaps one of the most enjoyable aspects is how all the hosts seem to have a camaraderie and chemistry that resonates and makes the podcast truly enjoyable to listen to.

Although all the hosts seem to have their unique areas of expertise, the nature of the podcast and its rotating guest list allow for the kind of impromptu back and forth that stimulates stimulating dialogue. The program’s unforced and often unplanned approach is often more in line with traditional radio interview formats, which is perhaps the secret to the show’s success with mainstream audiences.

The fact that you’re listening to a bunch of shop-talking pool fans doesn’t really sink in right away because of the tempo and the often entertaining banter between the hosts. That the show has started to generate buzz is something co-host Kelli Clancy always trying to understand.

Kelli Clancy from the Talking Pools podcast

“I love being part of the Talking Pools Podcast Network,” Clancy said, “I’m glad we can represent multiple areas of the country while helping our fellow pool pros grow. It’s amazing to see the success of our show growing on Apple Podcast. It’s a reward to see our hard work appreciated by all. I hope we continue to have an impact on members of our industry.

Pool professional Heather Linon is immersed in the construction and renovation side of the business. This is where she lends her expertise to the Talking Pools podcast. Since joining the show, she has received many requests from people to cover various topics of interest.

“I value our team because we all have different insights, insights and experiences that can be helpful to others,” Linton said, “whether you’re a pool industry professional just starting out or you’re in business for years. I focus on swimming pool renovations, swimming pool construction and business coaching. I’ve had several people call my office and ask me to do a certain topic or help them with a particular question.

Andrea Nannini, Heather Linton and Rudy Stankowitz record live at the Everything Under the Sun exhibition

“Being part of the Talking Pools podcast has been one of the most fun and rewarding things about my time in the pool industry,” the co-host said. Andrea Nannini“Not only do Rudy and I get to talk to great people who are involved in all aspects of the pool world, but I also learn from our listeners.”

Andrea, who is often the ying to Rudy’s yang on the show, believes it’s their unique ability to offer their own insights and areas of experience across different industry sectors that sets Talking Pools apart from other podcasts related to the swimming pool industry.

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posted by Talking Pools Podcast on Wednesday, December 22, 2021

“Heather, Kelli and Dan each bring their own special elements and expertise to their shows,” Nannini said, “I think having such a large group of people working together to bring people something entertaining and useful is why we made it to the top 50 on Apple Podcasts. To me, it’s still amazing that so many people are listening and enjoying what we set out to do for them, and I’m so grateful.

Many of the topics discussed during the show are issues related to what is currently happening in the pool industry. You’ll find a running editorial column for Talking Pools right here on Pool Magazine.


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