The 8 Best Calendar Apps for Time Management


Learning to manage your time is a skill that takes discipline and considerable effort. It’s a constant struggle for many people to manage their time effectively, meet deadlines and ensure they meet their commitments.

While technology can’t teach you discipline yet, there are some aids you can use to manage your time more effectively. In this article, we are going to discuss the best time management apps that you can use to make your life easier.

1. Google Calendar

One of the best apps you can use to easily manage your commitments is Google Calendar. The biggest benefit of using Google Calendar is that it seamlessly integrates with all of your services, and since pretty much everyone uses Gmail or one of Google’s services, you’ll find it’s ideal for general time management.

It is completely free to use and is integrated into all Android devices. There is also a browser-based version that lets you check your schedule and see what your schedule looks like on a daily basis. You can also set reminders to be notified before a meeting starts.

If you’re on the Google Workspace plan, you can also integrate appointment booking into the app. There are various other Google Workspace add-ons to enhance task management as well, and they all integrate seamlessly with Google Calendar.

To download: Google Calendar for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Remember milk

Remember Milk (RTM) is a pretty fantastic task app that can help you get more done in a shorter amount of time. It has a smart add task feature, allowing you to add due dates or even names of people you want to assign tasks to. Simply enter this information in the task name and the information will be automatically extracted.

You can organize tasks by location, review what’s left on your plate for today, and even reschedule any tasks you think won’t be completed. You can even save tasks by location and get a reminder if the app detects a task to do near your location.

You can even send emails to a specific address and the app will automatically update the task in your list. It’s fine if you’re not at your computer and just remembering a task to come back to later. Additionally, integrations are available for all popular apps, allowing you to significantly enhance the core functionality of RTM.

To download: Remember milk for Android | iOS (free and premium version available)


Many think TickTick is the best to-do app for Android, and for good reason. However, TickTick has much more to offer than simple task management. It gives you a calendar view so you can review all your daily tasks, and you can even set a Pomo timer to really maximize your productivity.

You can set multiple reminders for specific tasks, smart lists to review your priorities and see your productivity over the past month. You have several calendar views to choose from to really dig deeper into your tasks, and integrations are available for other apps.

TickTick is available on over 10 platforms and syncs seamlessly across all of them. This is great for managing both your personal and professional life, as you can easily create tags for different tags and organize them accordingly. There are plenty of other tips to help you effectively manage tasks on TickTick.

To download: TickTick for Android | iOS (free and premium version available)

4. Outlook Calendar

The Microsoft Outlook application offers a host of great features for managing your email and personal commitments. If you want the perfect combination of email and calendar management features, Microsoft Outlook is a great choice.

The calendar is integrated with the mail application and if you use Outlook, it can easily extract data from your emails and create tasks. More importantly, you can also share a calendar in Outlook to streamline appointment scheduling and keep tabs on a group calendar.

It also integrates well with Microsoft SharePoint sites, which is ideal for organizations that rely on SharePoint. If you’re using Office 365, you’ll get more cloud space and more customization options.

To download: Outlook for Android | iOS (free and premium version available)

5. Apple Calendar

The built-in Apple Calendar is a fantastic calendar app that can help you manage your time more efficiently. It is available natively for all Apple devices, so you can access it on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

It is completely free, has a very elegant interface and offers a fairly simple set of features. You can add events, set reminders, review your tasks, and even color-code specific events to better organize your tasks.

To download: Apple Calendar for iOS (Free)

6. Zoho Calendar

Zoho Calendar is integrated with Zoho Mail, which is ideal for businesses that already use one of Zoho’s apps. It’s a viable alternative to Google Suite and makes scheduling a whole lot easier with shared calendars.

You can use custom templates, including resource booking, for example to choose specific meeting rooms. You can also create links to share calendars with specific groups or teams to reduce friction and make it easier to connect with other employees.

Most importantly, Zoho Calendar integrates with third-party calendar apps, including automation solutions like Zapier, allowing you to create triggers and set actions based on specific interactions.

To download: Zoho Mail and Calendar for Android | iOS (free and premium version available)

7. Calendar by Fantastical

Calendar by Fantastical is a great calendar app for Apple devices. You have different views including day, week, month or year. It has both a light mode and a dark mode and allows others to schedule events based on the availability windows you decide.

You can create conference calls to connect with remote employees, add widgets, and customize views to better understand what your day looks like. It also allows you to easily connect different accounts to pull events and data from multiple sources.

To download: Calendar by Fantastical for iOS (free and premium version available)

8. Simplified calendar

Simple Calendar is an incredibly clean calendar app that offers a basic set of features to help you better manage your day. It offers several customization options, includes different widgets to help you visualize your day better, and also allows you to connect to different scheduling apps.

You can color code specific events, create titles for easy viewing, and link to other scheduling apps. You can enter notes, URLs or other information for each event and even lock the app with a password if you want. It even has a WordPress plugin.

To download: Simple Calendar for Android | iOS (free and premium version available)

Organize your life with the best calendar app

Most calendar apps now allow you to seamlessly log in to various other apps. Instead of using several to manage different aspects of your life, why not create multiple calendars using a single app?

The three most popular choices include Google Calendar, Outlook, and, of course, Apple Calendar. You can compare each before deciding which one to use.


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