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Maybe you’re trying to edit a video for posting online, or maybe you have a school project or work presentation that needs to be edited. No matter why, there are plenty of reasons why you might need to edit a video.

But what if you want to avoid installing bulky software? Video editing software can be difficult to use and not to say expensive. Instead, there are plenty of free online video editors available for you.

Here are some of the best free online video editors available.

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FlexClip comes first on this list. FlexClip is a video editor available entirely online, with a multitude of different options at your disposal. You can easily get started with FlexClip.

There are a plethora of different templates that you can use for just about any occasion, all provided by FlexClip right off the bat. There are 13 different categories to choose from, all of which contain great variety, and you can also start editing from scratch if you prefer.

If you are looking for simple tools, FlexClip has you covered in this regard as well. Create GIFs, trim or merge videos, add text or music, stock footage. FlexClip is capable of all of these things and more.

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FlexClip lets you access all of this for free, but with a few caveats. You can only download your free videos in 480p and have a video length of up to one minute. The videos will also include a watermark and a FlexClip intro. Also, if you want to use stock footage, you can only use one per project, with a maximum of 12 projects.

Fortunately, FlexClip has a number of premium options that can remove these limitations. Higher resolution download, more stock footage, longer videos, and more are all available at different prices.

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Next on the list is InVideo. If you’re looking for something to really make your latest presentation stand out, then InVideo might just be what you’re looking for.

InVideo comes with a wide variety of video editing tools. If you’re looking to create something from scratch, the option is still there, but InVideo excels when you look at the 5,000+ templates it has to offer. Searching through these models is a snap no matter what you are looking for, and it is also easy to find the right shape for your model.

The most compelling models of InVideo, however, are the Text to Video models, which InVideo also calls narrator models. These templates bring your text to the forefront while continuing to look attractive and eye-catching.

Clicking on any of these templates gives you a brief overview of what the template might look like in a short sample video, which is very handy for trying to find the perfect template for you.

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InVideo is completely free, although any videos you edit under this plan include an InVideo watermark and a 15-minute limit on their length. There are several premium options that remove these drawbacks, while also introducing new features like more stock media and additional video exports every month.

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WeVideo is potentially the most powerful editor to be on this list. WeVideo offers an impressive amount of customization and power, although like the other entries on the list, there are a few downsides.

The platform behaves much like professional video editing software, entirely from the comfort of your browser. Your account will also be available on Windows, Mac, and mobile, should you ever feel the need to edit on the go.

WeVideo also supports advanced features like green screen and several formats come preloaded, so you can easily prepare your video for social media or the web. There are also predefined drag-and-drop templates available, along with tools to record your screen, webcam, or microphone.

The free version of WeVideo includes a watermark and limits you to posting just five minutes of footage per month. As you may have guessed, you can remove these limitations by subscribing to a number of premium plans. These premium plans offer longer videos, more online storage, better resolution and more.

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Next on the list is is perfect for anyone running a business looking to maintain a consistent image in their videos.

Like many of the other editors on this list, has a huge library of templates to choose from. Plus, includes an impressive stock library filled with footage for you to use.

Where stands out is in its branded presets. allows you to customize the templates you choose and save any changes you make. These branding presets save the colors, fonts, and logos you use and let you apply them video after video to deliver a consistent message.

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If you’re looking to post a lot on social media, also includes a social calendar for social media, so you always know what to download and when.

Of course, is free, although there are some premium options as well. The free plan for does not allow MP4 downloads and includes a watermark in the player.

The editing limit is also particularly small, at just 15 seconds for every video you make. You can improve this feature by paying for more premium plans, of course, but it’s not free.

Screenshot of VideoToolbox landing page

Finally, we have VideoToolbox. VideoToolbox does not have any premium options to speak of and does not add any watermark to your exported videos. In a way, this makes VideoToolbox different from most of this list, although there are a few concessions you will have to make if you are going to use it.

VideoToolbox is significantly less user-friendly than some of the other editors on this list. It really is a free service, and sometimes it shows. The interface is outdated and can be tricky to use, although it will give you pretty much all of the basic functionality you might expect after a bit of a struggle with the controls.

It only remains to edit

Hopefully you now have the wherewithal to edit, but it’s hardly a battle won. As long as you have the ability, there is still more to learn in terms of style and process, which you can always improve upon.

Video editing is an incredibly in-depth skill, full of creative nuances and differences, whether you’re using a free editor or something more expensive and complex.


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