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Samsung Notes is a handy little app for your phone that lets you take notes quickly and on the go, and record voice memos. It’s a nice addition to Samsung Galaxy devices, but if you need something a little more complete, we’ve featured some of the more popular alternatives that still let you choose between your hands.

1. Evernote: A Unique Productivity Suite

Evernote is a cross-platform application that combines the power of a large-scale productivity suite with a simple and elegant interface. Creating and managing notes, slicing web pages, easy searching, and a plethora of templates make it an all-powerful tool.

A wide selection of templates, including personal calendars, team meeting calendars, and worksheets, help you create projects based on your individual needs. You can find, tag, and create stacks of notebooks to keep things organized in Evernote.

Evernote is a great tool for just about anyone. You can create notes using text, audio, drawings, and images and share them with team members through links to work effectively on shared projects. For individuals, it acts as a personal organizer with the ability to sync across multiple devices, depending on your subscription levels.


To download: Evernote (Free in-app purchases available)

2. FiiNote: a powerful all-in-one organizer

FiiNote is a powerful app for personal notes, financial reports, and creative work, and comes with built-in calendar and reminder functions. With Fii, you can take notes with keyboard, handwriting, voice and camera inputs.

From cross-platform compatibility to search capabilities, revision history, and secure cloud backup, FiiNote is a pretty solid note-taking solution.

You will need to create an account to sync notes on mobile and desktop devices, and you can export notes as PDFs, text files, images, Notz files, and links. You can even share pages through the FB Messenger app or store them locally on your device.

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FiiNote is your ultimate craft companion to paint, draw, and illustrate anything you want. Built around a large, customizable menu and seemingly endless canvas, FiiNote displays a variety of tools needed to capture creative ideas. You can customize the notes using high-quality background templates and ink styles, as well as extensive formatting options.

To download: FiiNote (Free in-app purchases available)

3. Squid: Great for handwritten notes and diagrams

Squid brings the productive environment of a whiteboard to your phone. The free version gives you a sleek sketchbook interface for taking handwritten notes using your fingers or an active pen or stylus.

Squid has a modern, customizable canvas with rich text editing capabilities, image support, auto-save functionality, and freehand drawing and annotation tools. It’s perfect for everything from to-do lists to brainstorming sessions.

The app comes with a collection of math and geometry templates, which is great for students to practice and submit lessons. They are available as part of a premium upgrade that also includes a range of music, sports, and planner templates. You can export your work as images or PDF documents to share with others or just keep track of your ideas.

To download: Squid (Free in-app purchases available)

4.Google Keep: simplified layout for quick search

Google Keep offers a minimalist design and integrates seamlessly with Google Docs and Google Calendar. If you don’t need a ton of frills, this app is a reliable option that brings all the essentials to the table.

Google Keep lets you take notes, create lists, create pictures, or record sound. You can easily find, view, or save your notes for later and organize them using color coding, labels, backgrounds, pins, and tags.

You can also mark your notes as a reminder to trigger at a certain time or place. These will appear in Google Calendar and in the “Reminders” tab of the Google Android app. Just press the bell icon in the upper right corner of the screen to set reminders for your tasks.

With Google Keep, syncing your notes across multiple devices is easy. You can access your lists or notes on any device and pick up where you left off.

To download: Google keep (To free)

5. Easy Notes: Notes with modern and colorful designs

The Easy Notes app has a clean design that is both attractive and functional. From simple reminders to complex tasks, the app offers all the features you need.

You can write, draw or save your thoughts, reminders and creative ideas on colorful cards. Multiple background colors and notepad theme options ensure that your notes never get boring.

The intuitive interface provides powerful tools for a better note taking experience. Use the built-in calendar view to keep track of your schedule or quickly filter all your notes using keywords, tags, audio, reminders, or search by color.

To download: Easy Notes (Free in-app purchases available)

Get organized with your favorite note-taking app

Note-taking apps are all about personalization and efficiency. If you’ve been looking for alternatives to Samsung Notes, we think you’ll be happy with the options we got to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a fully digital experience or something more akin to a traditional notebook, there’s something for everyone.

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