Stats Perform’s PressBox Charts Support University of Memphis Social Media Efforts


The University of Memphis men’s basketball team has had an incredible season this year, winning 12 of its last 14 games to enter the NCAA’s March Madness Tournament. With a hot streak like that, they got a lot of interest from fans.

Throughout the season, Memphis’ basketball social media team was able to meet tremendous demand for content through its partnership with Stats Perform using the PressBox Graphics product – a web-based platform that allows users to improve their visual communication strategy – to capture the attention of their fans across all digital platforms with engaging, scalable, data-driven graphics.

The University of Memphis Department of Athletics aims to keep its fans informed of the accomplishments of their student-athletes through the use of social media. They also strive to strategically leverage their social media presence to attract the attention of donors and potential recruits. PressBox Graphics allowed them to pursue these goals and resulted in a very successful social media campaign.

The challenge:

The challenge for the University comes from the amount of content needed to fill a social media calendar with compelling visuals, even around a single sport. When posting to social media, it’s essential to capitalize on the event and post as quickly as possible, but editing photos and manually adding player or team data can hog resources, take up valuable time and result in outdated posts. The team should be the first to deliver the content to have the most impact.

How did it work?

It was clear why the University of Memphis Athletics Department needed to quickly and efficiently produce engaging graphics for social media, but the “how” would require them to make a simple change. Understanding the challenge, the athletic department turned to Stats Perform for the right tools. With PressBox Graphics, they were able to access a selection of brilliantly crafted photos and seamlessly add up-to-the-minute game data for visuals that stand out when published online. Having access to accurate, up-to-date data is crucial when creating visual content for game coverage, as fans are more likely to stop scrolling and engage with a message. The main benefits of using PressBox Graphics were that it incorporated the University of Memphis branding and eliminated the need to edit or reformat images, saving the department valuable time and resources. .

“Getting player stats to automatically fit into our images and have consistent formatting was extremely helpful,” says Michael Schroeder – University of Memphis Athletics Department. “The functionality provided by PressBox Graphics to automatically cut out the background of images was also a game changer.”


The University of Memphis Department of Athletics took on a tough challenge: quickly and efficiently produce engaging visuals for social media. Changing the process of preparing the images they publish by running them through the easy-to-use PressBox Graphics application has enabled the Department to meet the higher demand for branded visual content while other demands placed on members of the staff increased as the tournament progressed. play.

Creating compelling visuals with PressBox Graphics has allowed the sports department to produce visuals at unparalleled speed. PressBox Graphics helped streamline content creation in their organization and provided several design templates that incorporate the University of Memphis brand and meet their unique needs.

Key moments in a busy season always happen unexpectedly, and your social team needs to react quickly to cover them. With PressBox Graphics, a sports department can capitalize on important moments and leverage their social media presence to achieve their goals.

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