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Bungie Releases Previews Of Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen, Including New Activities, Strikes, and Lawsuits; all summarized in a calendar.

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Destiny 2 Season 13, called Season of the Chosen, is now officially unveiled and there is a lot to dig into. As Hunting season Coming to an end, the Hive retreat and the Cabal come forward for peaceful and not so peaceful negotiations. Players will be engaging with the new Royal Cabal forces under Caiatl’s command over the next 3 months, so here is the content schedule for specific dates.

Bungie publishes a content calendar before each Destiny 2 season as a mini preparation guide. This isn’t a roadmap showing what content Bungie is working on, but rather a timeline of highlights for the season. The studio deliberately doesn’t note all of the upcoming changes and events over the course of a season, as the community benefits from surprises.

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For starters, each player will have access to the HELM social space and the two Return Strikes (Devil’s Lair and Fallen SABER) on February 9. On the same day, two battlefields will open for Season Pass holders. This is the new matchmaking activity for Season 13 where players repel Cabal invasions across multiple worlds.

The same day, Beyond the light holders will be able to begin a quest for a new Aspect, a powerful trinket that personalizes the way the Stasis subclasses play. A week later, a new battlefield will open and another the following week. On March 23, the all-new Proving Grounds Strike will be available for Season Pass holders, but it will enter the Strike playlist for all players a week later. The Nightfall will also be on the proving grounds on March 30.

Crimson Days will never return, but Guardians Games will last from April 20 to May 9, with Bungie planning to have a “closing ceremony” during the last two days of the event. Meanwhile, Trials of Osiris with all new armor and weapons will be open every weekend for all players and Iron Banner will be making a comeback every month, mid-month.

There’s a Secret Exotic Tex Mechanica Quest coming out this spring as well, but no details are known yet. The season will offer even more incentives to play, such as several exclusive Nightfall weapons, several new weapons added to ritual playlists (Strike, Crucible, Gambit), a revamped Umbral Engram system making a comeback for good and more. activities such as seasonal challenges.

In all, Season of the Chosen is intended to be fairly comprehensive and seems to offer more content compared to recent seasons.

Destiny 2 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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