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1For musicians, setting up their social networks accounts are only half the battle. The real challenge comes when it’s time to take out material It’s okay to interest and engage fans. Here we go over several proven avenues to explore when it comes to content sharing.


Guest post by Jessica hackett on Flypaper by Soundfly

You have already taken the first step. You’ve bite the bullet and created the essential social media accounts for your music. Now you don’t know what content to post, or you have posted, but you don’t know why some posts are gaining ground while others are falling flat. Building a brand presence for your business is a key step in your career as a musician. It takes a huge pair of ovaries for you and your work to show off publicly!

Whether you’re naturally inspired by Instagram or terrified of Twitter, developing a content strategy and planning updates ahead of time cuts your social media time in half. And I know it sounds like a chore, but for artists committed to both their craft and ensuring steady audience growth, it’s a huge help. More importantly, it allows you to incorporate more natural marketing into your daily social media content over time.

The secret is to brainstorm some ideas for content that you can use and reuse, especially when you don’t have any upcoming concert dates, album releases, or music video launches. Here are five general content prompts to get you started.

Who inspires you?

Creatively, musically, emotionally: who are the artists and innovators who make you vibrate? Share your reading list, summer readings, or the latest research from your favorite scientist with your followers.

Tagging, sharing and shouting on social media is a great way to network, contribute to the arts community, and be discovered by fans of what you love. Don’t worry if you don’t immediately hear from the other artists you contact. Trust that they are checking their mentions and know that a little name recognition can go a long way. Maybe your simple heartfelt scream will be enough to get an artist to think of you the next time they need a opening act.

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What motivates you ?

Who are you beyond your music? Do you like the outdoors, get lost in video games, or are you more of a nightclub person? There is always a member of each group whose character quirks are naturally entertaining, make them a group meme! Share what you’re doing behind the scenes, showcase the unique aspects of who you are, and find communities of enthusiasts to connect with.


A word of warning about sharing your personality as a professional: what you post on the internet as a musician could follow you throughout your career. If you don’t want a fan, reporter, or potential connection to probe it, don’t post it. You can choose which parts of yourself you share.

Where do you come from?

There is a whole weekly hashtag devoted to answering this question. In fact, there are tons of them. Dig up the photo from your year 5 yearbook, your first performance flyer, or footage from a band rehearsal and share it like there’s no tomorrow.

You can make your flashbacks as silly or personal as you want, as long as your tone is on the mark. Remember, the internet is a sucker for a good, inspiring story. Talk about your progress as a musician, as an artist. Share the highlights and the embarrassing moments. Let your fans be a part of your journey, and they’ll want to stick around to see where it goes.

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What’s your process?

Many of your fans are also looking for ways to express themselves creatively. Your carefully constructed songwriting rituals and tips might help inspire them. Post your creative process, tips for overcoming writer’s block and rituals or routines for invoking the muse to give your fans a dose of encouragement.


To make your tips even more shareable, try writing them down as blog posts, posting on Pinterest, creating a YouTube tutorial, or live streaming a talk on Periscope.

Who supports you?

When all else fails and you have nothing to say, reach out to your fans. Stay tuned for photos, recordings, and comments fans have shared and repost them. Host a Q&A with your fans on Reddit or Twitter. Post (credited) fan art on your Instagram.

Remember that fantastic story of Guster recreating their fan’s cover video of their song, “Diane”? When your fans react with their true colors, it is important that you reward them for doing so. Reaching through the tangled knots of the web to show your appreciation for fans’ creativity and provide them with a space to share are great ways to boost engagement levels!

Any opportunity that you can find to interact is an opportunity that you should take. Followers who feel noticed and involved are more likely to stay that way.

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Remember, social media is just another way to tell your story and share your art. See what works for you and no matter what others say, if it works, it works! Keep updating your strategy based on what resonates with your followers. When you put time, planning, and personality into your posts, you’ll see results.



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