Planning your 2019 social media calendar? 13 tactics to step up your game



In recent years, social media platforms have evolved from mere channels of communication to true hubs of information and entertainment. From Facebook Watch to this year’s innovations like IGTV and Snapchat’s Story Ads, social platforms are stepping up the game to keep users engaged and entertained – and your business shouldn’t be too far behind.

If you want to keep up with the latest social media trends, you will need to re-evaluate your strategy for the future of this ever-changing industry. Below, Forbes Agency board members share 13 ways to step up your social game in 2019.

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1. Take a (branded) selfie

Businesses need to see the value and art of first-person or “selfie” video content. Consumers are increasingly less accepting of traditional promotional messages. A selfie approach to video content on Snapchat, IG and IGTV stories makes brands more identifiable. Viewers spend hours watching friends on Snapchat and IG Stories, so befriend some content that offers insight into your brand. – Stephane Rosa, (add) companies

2. Segment your social audiences

Most companies never take this into consideration when serving advertisements. Understand where the prospect stands in relation to his problem. When you are marketing to someone who doesn’t know they have a problem versus someone who knows they have a problem, the message is very different. Social media is all about segmenting audiences so that you can be relevant to the right audience at the right time. – Imran Tariq, WebMetrix Group LLC

3. Offer quality over quantity

As social platforms evolve, businesses are jumping on these trends and flooding platforms with substandard content in an attempt to ride the wave. This causes the very customers they are trying to attract to go offline before they even deal with what businesses are trying to communicate. Limit the impulse to produce content for the sake of it. Be determined. – Mae Cromwell, PACIFIC

4. Jump on the video trend

Start leveraging video and visual content as much as possible. How-to videos are one of the hottest things right now, but you have to remember to keep all of those videos short. Thirty seconds to one minute is the primary target range. Using these videos in ads will also help you stand out in ad networks. – Matthew Santos, Foxtail Marketing

5. Invest in data research

Invest your time and money in data research. Brands that continuously understand and optimize their social media marketing strategy are winning the customer retention war. They target the right audience, spend the lowest cost-to-click, and are present on the most converted platforms. The numbers don’t lie – the brands that prioritize stats and trends will be the ones we notice in 2019. – Raffi keuhnelian, INexxus

6. Focus on interesting platforms

Stop chasing every new social media platform and tactic. Instead, find the ones that earn you the most and double them. This will not only give you better returns, but also prevent you from spreading too thinly with unproven efforts. Planning, preparation and execution doesn’t mean chasing your tail. – Craig greiwe, Rogers & Cowan

7. Create a meaningful brand story

Optimize your brand story to take it social in 2019. It’s not enough to create a social calendar based on the product or company messaging. Your content needs to be meaningful and compelling to get the audience to take action. Evaluate your brand’s story and make sure it’s inspiring and stands out among the social clutter. Anchor your social content in this post and it will surely rise above it. – Keri witman, Clériti

8. Create authentic connections

Regardless of the platform, people connect the most with authentic stories that they can relate to or that evoke emotions. Brands should continue to focus on connecting with their audience. As social media evolves, consumers increasingly identify inauthentic content and use algorithms to ignore it. Stand out with authentic stories and images around your brand message. – Nicole mahoney, Break the ice

9. Engage with industry influencers

As social media platforms like Instagram continue to build impressive audiences, it’s time to step outside of the traditional social advertising framework. More and more users, especially millennials, are turning to influencers for their recommendations on products, experiences, what to watch, and more. Contact a prominent figure in your field and ask if they will review and promote your product in an article. – Jason kulpa,

ten. Keep an eye on emerging technologies

Companies should consider the new technologies awaiting 2019 and adapt them to their social media strategies. One way to improve your social media model is to explore the growing opportunities with podcasts and smart speakers (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc.). Use them to expand your online presence as a form of blogging with information and inspiration. Be focused and flexible in your approach. – Lauren Shirreffs, 2Social

11. Consider using chatbots

Chatbots are here to the rescue. AI and chatbots will have an impact on how businesses operate. It is at the top of the list of digital transformations of 2019. There are many services that can be provided without humans. Ultimately, chatbots will give businesses the design of their customers’ speech, which will improve the response to their needs. – Cagan Sean Yuksel, GRAFX CO.

12. Create a solid social strategy

IGTV, Snapchat Story Ads, Facebook Fundraisers and everything in between are tactics, not strategies. The # 1 way to improve your game is to improve your strategy. Do some research (like an audit and benchmarking). Learn about your audience. Test messaging and positioning. Building a solid research-based strategy will give you retrospective performance metrics and help you leap into 2019. – Carey Kirkpatrick, CKP

13. Become an early adopter

Don’t hang around to see if someone is going to jump into using IGTV and if it works for them before deciding to try it for yourself. Experiment with each new tool that comes out. You will quickly find out if it will work for you or not be successful, and you will get a huge boost as a trailblazer by being the first to successfully try it in your industry. – Brandon Stapper, non-stop signs



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