Microsoft Office Tools and Templates for the School Year


Could you use some help for the school year? Check out these school tools and templates for planning, budgeting, writing, and more.

Whether you’re at the start of the semester or about to start a new year, it’s never too late to embrace tools to stay on track with school. From planners and calendars to budget and essay templates, we have a list of Microsoft Office tools to help you throughout the school year.

Schedules and planners

Keep track of homework and appointments with schedules that help you plan. These calendars let you know what to do and when you have free time.

With this academic year calendar, you add all your appointments and events on one tab and then view your free and busy time on the annual planner. As a bonus, you’ll see your day at a glance.

Academic year calendar

Download or use in Excel for the web: Academic year calendar

Track your homework, lessons and activities with one tool. Add items to the calendar, then use the drop-down list to select its credentials such as a lecture, quiz, or research paper. Then check off your owed items as you go.

Homework schedule

Download or use in Excel for the web: Homework schedule

Academic calendars

Make sure to plan the school year with important dates that you know in advance. These Academic Calendar Templates are just what you need to keep milestones close at hand.

It’s not just about your daily schedule. When you want to display months throughout the school year, this academic calendar is perfect. Just enter the month and year at the top and the calendar updates to show the correct dates. Enter conferences, spring and winter break and other important dates.

Illustrated academic calendar

Download or use in Excel for the web: Illustrated academic calendar

If you prefer Word for your calendar, take a look at this useful template. Enter any month and year for the calendar to update, include notes in a dedicated section, and review previous and next months at a glance.

Academic calendar

Download or use in Word for the web: Academic calendar

Course and credit managers

Make sure you’re on track with the number of credits and courses you need for your degree. Use one of these Excel templates to plan and stay on top of your needs.

For an all-inclusive tool that helps you manage your schedule, book list, credits, GPA, and budget, check out this college course manager. You have separate tabs for an easy way to add, review, and track your articles. Plan your daily schedule, see your GPA and overall progress toward your degree, and track income and expenses to stay on budget.

Head of college courses

Download or use in Excel for the web: Head of college courses

If you prefer a simple way to track your course credits, this template is ideal. List each course with the degree requirement, number of credits, and semester. Consult the semester summary which includes the number of credits and courses. And use the planner for your entire college career.

University credit planner

Download or use in Excel for the web: University credit planner

APA and MLA format models

Meeting all of the requirements and following the guidelines for APA and MLA paper sizes can be intimidating. But with these Microsoft Word templates, you can get off to a good start.

APA Models

This first APA template is a good option because it provides instructions and examples using the correct formatting. You will see how to use headers, add references, structure tables and legend images.

APA style paper

Download or use in Word for the web: APA style paper

Similar to the above, this APA template is available for download and includes extensive instructions within its 10 pages. From abstract, title and headings to appendix, references and footnotes, you will learn exactly how to format your article.

APA paper size

Download for Word: APA paper size

MLA model

If you need the MLA style for your article or essay, check out this template. Find out how to format your name, course title, article title, and subtitle. The template also explains how to use long quotes, tables, charts, and references.

Deputy style paper

Download or use in Word for the web: Deputy style paper

College Budget Templates

Staying within your budget during your college days can be difficult. But with a little planning and seeing exactly where your money is being spent can help.

Keep your monthly budget on track with this first template. Add income and expenses, then display helpful charts that include your cash flow. You can use the slider to see each month, go through all the table details, and check out the sparklines for a quick overview.

Monthly college budget

Download for Excel: Monthly college budget

Another good budget tool from Microsoft shows your monthly income, monthly expenses, and half year expenses in one Excel workbook. With helpful color coding, you can see at a glance where money is coming in and going out as well as how much money is over or under budget.

College budget

Download or use in Excel for the web: College budget

Student loan calculators

An unfortunate part of college for most is the financial side – the student loan. With tools that can help track loan amounts, payments, and the ultimate goal of paying them back, check out one of these templates.

Using this first loan calculator, simply enter the information for each student loan. Include payment details and estimated salary after graduation. Then see what percentage of your estimated monthly income will go towards your loan. This tool allows you to adjust to find a good financial balance.

University loan calculator

Download or use in Excel for the web: University loan calculator

For a unique overview of your student loan repayment, this tool helps you decide whether to pay it off or invest your money instead. Enter both loan information and investment details. Next, review your options to make the best financial decision for you.

Repay loans or invest

Download or use in Excel for the web: Pay off student loans or invest

Concentration and finish

School is pretty tough. If you’re interested in tools that can help you focus on your studies rather than planning, scheduling, and budgeting, this list is for you. Hopefully there is at least one model here that takes the burden off your school year and getting that 4.0 GPA.

To learn more, take a look at these productivity tips and tricks for students.

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