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Whether it’s a calendar, a notebook or a notepad, more and more buyers are turning to electronics to create and draw. Of course, after all, there are more and more awesome convertibles with touchscreens, and a fancy app is so much more realistic than the pile of papers on your desk. One of the most exciting note-taking apps for Windows is Penbook. The application not only offers you many virtual notebooks, but you can also import PDF files and create your personal sketchbooks.

The software, which nominally costs just under $20, is now readily available for free in the Microsoft Retailer. And the best? If you download the app now, you can keep it absolutely free forever.

Penbook: quickly set notes and drawings on the monitor

The sketches are brief and simple to develop.

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To get the app, all you have to do is comply with our download offer, which will instantly take you to the Penbook in the Microsoft Store. Click on the “Download” button and start the download. Then all you have to do is install the app and you can start using it. All you have to do is click on the “Get Started” button and the app will launch.

To get started, all you have to do is decide which orientation your sketchbook should be in, choose a template, or import a PDF as an individual template. The latter also gives you the choice to generate an electronic calendar or similar, for example. You can also opt for your own titles and cover illustrations or photos for your sketchbooks.

When the application is open, you will find a small menu at the top of the screen which presents you with the different equipment. So you will find not only a pen for drawing, but also a pen functionality, many markers, a selection device and a ruler. Visuals can also be easily inserted.

Penbook provides all the necessary functions for a whiteboard and does without unnecessary attributes. By the way, the application not only presents blank, grid and lined web pages as templates, but also many other templates. Among them are several planners, a weekly summary or various playing fields, for example for basketball or football.


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