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Monday Software was born in 2012 and has been providing collaboration and app development services ever since. Features like documents, files, and automation make it easy to manage tasks efficiently, even when your work gets hectic. The Airtable no-code platform enables users to develop applications and simplify workflows.

Here is the latest Cost of vs Airtable cost versus the features each offers its users.

Cost of

There are five Monday pricing options supported by the software. Here’s what each of them has to offer:

The individual plan is free, and as the name suggests, it’s ideal for users who want to manage their individual tasks. It can be used to create unlimited tables to manage details and similarly create unlimited documents for task collaboration.

There are over 200 templates to shape your work in a way that works for you and eliminates redundancy. There are also 20 column types available to organize details. However, it can only support 2 team members.

Monday’s base cost is $8 and it provides plenty of task management tools. Although limited, the base pricing option is still able to support growing teams with multiple features. For example, you can invite an unlimited number of viewers to access the information. Likewise, it can be used to create unlimited items to streamline information in an organized manner. There is 5GB of file storage space available so you can maintain a centralized knowledge system. And finally, you can create a dashboard based on the information presented on a board.

The third option, first of all, has all the features available in the first two options. He charges $10. Its added benefits include Timeline and Gantt views. The calendar view gives you the option to keep track of deadlines or upcoming events. Additionally, you can also provide guest access to users who are not part of the software. You can automate up to 250 tasks and also integrate 250 applications. Your dashboard, on the other hand, can be used to display combined information from up to 5 tables.

The pro pricing option costs around $16 and has many advanced features for detailed project management. For example, you will be able to manage private boards as well as documents. Therefore, you can edit the information and only share it with the team when you are ready.

Time tracking tools allow you to meet deadlines and also use formula columns. The dependency column will allow you to maintain the order of execution of tasks.

Plus, you can automate around 25,000 tasks and integrate the same number of apps to improve your workflows. Finally, up to 10 tables can be combined in a dashboard.

  1. Company

This Cost Monday supports enterprise-wide features, including more automations and integrations. The security and governance features are also able to accommodate well-established companies that want to run work management tools for the entire organization. Advanced analysis and reporting features will help you discern the effectiveness of a project. You can see the development progress of your projects in real time.

Monday Demo

Demos are a great way to check if a particular software will work for your business. Monday’s demo is embedded in its blog which also showcases its features to users in great detail.

Air table cost

The air table cost also provides viable subscription plans to users. The following guide will help you compare each:

This first option is perfect for individual users looking for personal task management, but is equally effective for small teams. It consists of unlimited bases and can be used by up to 5 editors or creators. However, you can invite an unlimited number of commenters and read-only users for optimal collaboration.

Additionally, one extension is provided per base as well as synchronization integration. Users can keep 1,200 records per base. 2 GB of attachments can also be stored per base.

The plus plan costs around $10 and 10 extensions are supported per base. Users also have the ability to keep up to 5,000 records per base. As for the attachment space, 5 GB is available as storage space. Additionally, users can also create custom branded forms for job intake with the ability to bolster the CRM.

You will also be able to access a 6 month review as well as an instant history. And finally, automatic board synchronization will keep your projects aligned.

The third pricing option is priced at $20 and can also be used to access 10 extensions per base. Plus, there are 3-sync integrations possible, including access to Jira Cloud. You can also keep 50,000 records per base. The 20 GB of attachment storage space allows you to import more files needed to contextualize your work.

Two visual management tools are also presented on the pro tariff plan: Gantt and Timeline. You can also keep 1 year of revision history and data snapshot. Additionally, personal and locked views are possible with this pricing option. Finally, managers can also grant field and table editing capabilities to other users.

Enterprise pricing option takes Airtable features to the next level for higher project management options. For example, you can create unlimited workspaces per organization and access unlimited extensions.

In fact, you’ll be able to access advanced integrations with Salesforce and Jira on-premises. As for records, you can access 250,000 per base. Up to 1000 GB of attachment space further makes it easy to store your information on one platform.

Some of the other features provided by the enterprise-level Airtable pricing include access to 3-year revision and snapshot history, SAML-based login, and enterprise-wide admin panel.

Airtable Demo

The Airtable demo is available on the website and can be helpful in making the last call.


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