Jim Cramer: Here’s what you should focus on when investing right now


Jim Cramer is the host of CNBC’s “Mad Money” and co-host of “Squawk on the Street.” It serves as the viewer’s personal guide to investing on Wall Street, with the goal of helping them make money. Cramer is also the founder of the CNBC Investment Club.

Recognized by GOBankingRates as one of Money’s most influential, here he explains why beginners shouldn’t pick individual stocks and what investors should be focus on current market.

What most people don’t know about investing that you wish they knew?

It’s much easier to lose money than to make it if you don’t know stocks and companies.

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What should everyone do to build their wealth, no matter how much money they currently have?

Everyone should own an index fund first, and only after you think you’ve built it up significantly, THEN can you buy individual stocks.

What should investors be focusing on in 2022 to get the most out of their money?

This is the time not to lose a lot of money, not to make it yet, which is why I formed the CNBC Investing Club.

Jaime Catmull contributed to the writing of this article.

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Jim Cramer: Here’s what you should focus on when investing right now

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