How to create and customize tables in Canva


While reading a table is not as engaging as analyzing a table or graph, their importance when presenting information is unparalleled. But let’s be honest, the tables you create in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheet are nowhere near as attractive no matter what you do. Fortunately, the popular graphic design tool Canva can help you create tables that are both eye-catching and easy to achieve.

How to create and customize tables in Canva

Since Canva doesn’t offer any options or templates to create a table, you will need to draw a table yourself or edit any of the templates. We’ll show you how to create and customize a table in Canva. So let’s get started.

How to create a table using elements in Canva

If you want to create a table with different cell sizes and customize it as needed, you can open a blank template in Canva and draw a table from scratch. Believe me, it is much easier than it looks. Let’s see how.

Step 1: Go to the Canva website in your web browser and click the Create Design button to choose from the suggested options. Alternatively, you can also upload an image by clicking on the Edit Photo option.

Create a design

2nd step: Now a project window will appear. Switch to the Elements tab on your left, under Lines and Shapes, click on the shape of the line to use it.

Add elements to the model in Canva

Step 3: Use the Duplicate button at the top right to create copies of the added line and move them to create a closed shape.

You can also use the toolbar at the top to change the type, color, thickness, etc. of a line.

Draw a table in Canva

Step 4: Add more rows from the Elements tab to draw columns and rows in your table.

Draw a table in Canva

Step 5: Once your table is ready, click the Text tab to enter data into it. Select from the available text types to create a text box.

Alternatively, you can also press the letter T on your keyboard to quickly add a text box.

Add text to the table in Canva

Step 6: After adding the text box, move it to the cell where you want to write. You can also resize the text box to fit inside the cell.

Edit the text inside the text box and format it using the toolbar above.

Edit text in Canva

Repeat the above step to insert text into other cells in your table.

You can also use the lock icon at the top right to freeze particular items after adding them. This way you can avoid moving them during labor.

Lock items in the array

And There you go ! Your board is ready and you can download it as an image, PDF or GIF using the Download button at the top.

Upload the table to Canva

How to create a table using templates in Canva

While you can easily draw a table in Canva, it’s not the preferred method when you’re short on time. So if you are looking to create a table quickly, you can use one of its templates readily available in Canva to speed up the process.

Now Canva doesn’t have a lot of dedicated templates for creating tables, but you can use and edit any of its calendar templates to create a table for yourself. Read on to find out how.

Step 1: Go to Canva’s website and use the search box at the top to search for calendar templates.

From the results, choose the model that best suits your needs.

Calendar templates

2nd step: Once the model opens in the project window, you are ready to edit all aspects of it, including text, lines, drawings, colors, etc.

Edit the calendar template

For example, select it and click the trash can icon at the top to remove an unwanted item.

Delete item

Step 3: Then you can add text boxes by visiting the Text tab on your left. Alternatively, you can also edit existing text boxes in your template.

Text box on calendar template

And There you go. Your table is ready to be presented.

You can also change a few things in and around the table to make it more interesting and fun to watch.

How to customize a table in Canva

Once you’ve created your board using any of the methods above, Canva also offers a few customization options that you can use to change its background, elements, colors, and more. Let’s see how.

Resize the table

To resize a table, you need to group all the elements of your table in Canva. To do this, press Ctrl + A to select all of the lines and text boxes in your template. Now click on the Group button in the upper right corner.

Group items

Select all lines and text boxes. Then move the cursor over the edges to resize the table from there.

Change the size of the table

Change of background

If you want to change the background of the table from its original, you can click the color icon on the top left and choose from the options available on your left.

Change the background of tables in Canva

Insert elements

Canva also has a huge library of fun items that you can add to your table to make it more presentable. To add an item, click the Items tab on your left, explore its library, and click the item to add it.

Insert elements in the table

Alternatively, you can add your logo or watermark by inserting it as an image. To do this, go to the Downloads tab on your left and click the Upload Media button to upload your image. Once downloaded, click on the image to insert it. From there, you can move, resize, and modify it as you see fit.

Insert an image in the table

And There you go. A fully personalized table in Canva is ready to share.

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Your table is ready

While Canva doesn’t offer an easy way to create a table, it is still possible with the above methods. Plus, with the customization tools and elements that Canva offers, you are sure to create a table that is much better than a table in Sheets or Excel.

Last updated on October 8, 2021

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