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Global construction output is estimated to be $14.4 trillion by 2030 and $7.28 trillion was the construction market value in 2021.

According to the following statistics, 72% of companies say construction projects took longer than expected. Nearly 70% of retailers identify poor planning as the number one contributor to reduced worker productivity. About 35% of construction professionals’ time is spent (more than 14 hours per week) on non-productive tasks, such as finding project information, resolving conflicts, and dealing with errors and rework.

That being emphasized, construction companies stuck with conventional operational practices to resist spending on construction technology are largely starved of productivity and revenue. The inability to choose and adopt the right construction project management software is another potential reason for lost visibility. Therefore, there are various factors that Proficient can recommend construction companies explore in order to increase productivity.

Maintain project schedule

Keeping construction projects on schedule is more complicated than it seems, as many factors have an ongoing impact on operations. Nothing can slow a project down more than an unexpected setback. Performing preventative maintenance and other activities is essential to keep project assets and machinery running efficiently.

This is where construction project management software like Proficient comes in to help track each project and ensure everything is delivered on time and with all relevant information in one place.

By using Proficient to maintain the project schedule, construction developers would be able to establish an optimal maintenance schedule for the project. They could anticipate potentially at-risk jobs and react quickly to align them with the project schedule, with the added benefit of staying on budget with the ability to get real-time insights into how labor costs are work affect the budget.

Integration of productivity tools and a robust document management system (DMS)

Why are they important?

It enables consistent, real-time, and secure access to critical project information to make the best possible decisions. Combining productivity tools with a comprehensive document management system (DMS) is essential. Construction industry stakeholders can take immediate control of company records and operations to keep them organized and efficient, which will increase productivity and reduce the likelihood of missing documents.

Proficient is the only construction software that integrates productivity tools into a project management framework with DMS, undoubtedly improving team productivity. It makes downloading and storing data easy with robust capabilities that allow users to easily search and locate important information. Proficient provides easy access to your project information, saving construction workers time they would otherwise spend on non-productive tasks.

Communication of the actors of the bridge

As an end-to-end construction project management software, Proficient coordinates and manages every part of the construction process. This includes identifying stakeholders, developing communication plans, and implementing strategies to keep all stakeholders informed of project progress.

Automatic reminders for assigned tasks are one way Proficient bridges the communication gap. An engineer will receive an email reminder 24 hours before a scheduled inspection, allowing them to schedule a time to review the assignment. Daily reminders are then automatically sent to relevant parties. There will be a reminder at the time of the assignment, followed by reminders every 24 hours until the job is complete. All parties are now accountable and there will be no more gaps in communication.

Long gone are the days of using a spreadsheet to track the progress of submissions and technical approvals. All parties involved can see which inspectors are waiting for clearance, what information their inspectors are requesting, and what is out of compliance.

Competent Company Profile

Proficient is an award-winning construction management software company based in Malaysia. It is accessible from any computer connected to the Internet. It’s user-friendly, so even those with no prior experience with construction management software can easily learn how to use it. The software includes a variety of features that make it easier to manage construction projects, such as project management templates, a project schedule, and a project tracking system.

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