Hitman content calendar January 2, 2020 brings back Sean Bean


Following Hitman 2 content is on its way in January, with plenty of new deals, a new monthly IOI stream on Twitch, and the return of Elusive Target Mark Faba (AKA Sean Bean). The January DLC will send you to Miami to take down Faba, but it will only be there for a limited time.

Sean Bean’s character will only be in Miami for 10 days, starting January 17th, so be sure to take the opportunity to take him down. After all, he had brought her here. This is the first time you’ll have the chance to take it down since its original event and the start of Elusive Target Reactivations that will bring back other Elusive Targets throughout the year.

You will also have 11 new featured contracts “handpicked”, selected by IOI. This month is touting the Stay Frosty theme, for obvious reasons. Developer IO Interactive has confirmed that you won’t be playing just on the Hokkaido map, which is known for its beautiful snowy landscape. There will be “a good mix of locations and targets for your enjoyment” starting January 9th.

And don’t forget to check out the new contracts organized from January 23. These will highlight some of the best deals in Hitman 2 as chosen by the community (as opposed to featured contracts, which are chosen by the developer). Well-known leaders in the Hitman The community will be in the spotlight with its choice of contracts, starting with Twitch streamer MulletPride.

Finally, at the end of the month, IOI will have a behind-the-scenes feed and unveil the February content schedule.

Here is everything planned for Hitman 2 for the month of January 2020:

  • Featured Contracts: Stay Frosty – January 9
  • Elusive Target Reactivation: The Undying – January 17
  • Organized contracts – January 23
  • Monthly IOI – January 30

IO Interactive has always supported Hitman 2 since its launch in late 2018, offering players plenty of free and paid DLC. (If only the team could patch a platinum trophy.) There is a lot in store for the future for you. Hitman fans, including the development of a third installment, which does not yet have an official title.

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