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Pipedrive offers four plan tiers: Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise.

Pipedrive CRM starts at $14.90 per month per user, payable annually. More feature-rich subscriptions are also available for $24.90, $49.90, and $99 per month per user, payable annually.

Generally, Pipedrive is a reasonably priced CRM solution, although you have to pay extra for some regular features. Here is a more complete description of the different plans:

Pipedrive Essential plan: from $14.90 per month

Pipedrive’s Essential plan is a great choice for small businesses. This plan provides basic CRM tools and platform integrations.

Users can customize pipeline stages and fields. Data can be imported, exported and merged (duplicate data). It also includes the basics like lead tracking and deal management, as well as sales reporting, mobile apps, and email integration.

Features include:

  • Customizable pipes
  • Lead and deal management
  • Data import/export
  • Basic Meeting Planner
  • Contact card
  • AI sales assistant
  • API access
  • Transaction and activity reports
  • Visual dashboards
  • Shareable dashboard links
  • World-class data storage
  • Two sets of user permissions
  • Native Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Security Dashboard
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Automatic call logging
  • App Marketplace with 250+ integrations
  • Contacts and calendar synchronization with Google and Microsoft

A few other key integrations are included in this plan, including contact and calendar sync with Google and Microsoft, a Chrome extension for Gmail, access to Pipedrive’s Developer’s Corner, online help center, support via 24/7 live chat, an app marketplace with over 250 integrations and support for 19 languages.

Security is basic (two-factor authentication and AES-256 encryption are included), and users have access to an AI sales assistant to help improve sales performance. The Essential plan is a great option for small businesses, but the main issue is that there are limits to the number of users, deals, contacts, and products that can be added.

When billed annually, the Essential plan costs $14.90 per user per month ($178.80 per user per year) while it costs $19.90 per user per month when billed monthly.

Pipedrive Advanced Plan: from $24.90 per month

Pipedrive’s Advanced plan dramatically increases the number of features that help businesses track communications. It increases automation and expands communication tools.

Features include:

  • Customizable email templates and signatures
  • Two-way email synchronization
  • Group emailing and email scheduling
  • Email opened and click tracking
  • Web-to-mobile calls
  • Smart contact data
  • Scheduling video calls

This plan includes two-way business email sync, customizable email templates, merge fields, email open and click tracking, and email scheduling. There are additional automation features such as smart contact data, which automatically populates each prospect’s profile with information about their online behavior, and communication features such as a meeting planner and event scheduling. video calls.

Pipedrive’s Advanced plan is a cost-effective alternative for businesses that need a streamlined lead nurturing process, especially via email. When billed annually, Pipedrive’s Advanced plan costs $24.90 per user per month ($298.80 per user per year) and $34.90 per user per month when billed monthly.

Pipedrive Professional Plan: from $49.90 per month

The Pipedrive Professional plan includes enhanced reporting, automation, and team management tools. It also integrates Google Workspace and document tracking, so you know when customers have reviewed what you send them.

Features include:

  • Custom fields and reports
  • Revenue forecast reports
  • Team management tools
  • Team goals
  • Auto-populated templates and offline documents
  • Track open documents and electronic signatures
  • PDF format, support for Google Slides and Sheets
  • Integration of Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive documents

Professional is a great choice for large, growing teams that need to use all the automation options available to them to accelerate revenue growth.

When billed annually, Pipedrive’s Professional plan costs $49.90 per user per month ($598.80 per user per year), or $59.90 per user per month when billed monthly .

Pipedrive Enterprise plan: from $99 per month

Pipedrive’s Enterprise plan includes unrestricted, unrestricted access to most Pipedrive tools. It’s also the only plan that includes both 24/7 phone and chat support.

Features include:

  • Unlimited team management
  • Unlimited Security Dashboard
  • Unlimited reporting limits (per user)
  • Unlimited user permissions
  • 24/7 phone support (not just chat)
  • Implementation program

Pipedrive’s Enterprise subscription costs $99 per user per month billed annually ($1,188 per user per year) and $119 per user per month when billed monthly.


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