Google Docs will now practically redact your documents for you


Working together online with your colleagues has always been an essential part of Google Docs, but with the launch of Smart Canvas last year, collaborating with others using the company’s desktop software has become even more more intuitive.

To help users sort through all their documents in their inbox, the search giant is introducing auto-generated summaries in Docs that provide a quick overview of a document’s main points. While Google’s AI will offer you a summary, you can also edit a summary manually and this new feature is now generally available.

With more people working from home than ever before, fewer documents are printed. Instead, employees are collaborating on documents online using their laptops and smartphones, and as a result, page breaks and margins no longer carry the weight they once did.

For this reason, Google is launching a pageless format in Doc that allows users to remove page boundaries to create documents that span the device or screen they’re using. As part of the shift to hybrid working, there is less need to print, which is why the pageless format makes it easier for teams to collaborate on documents with large tables, large images or detailed comments in the comments. However, if you want to print a document, you can easily switch back to a paginated view.

Interactive building blocks

With the introduction of the smart canvas last year, Google brought interactive building blocks like smart bullets, templates and checklists to its desktop software.

The smart canvas also allows users to extract rich information directly into their documents by using @-mentions to insert smart bullets for people, files and meetings. Google also recently expanded the “@” menu to make it easier to insert additional elements like images, tables, and templates.

Now, however, the company is bringing that functionality to email by allowing users to collaborate on email drafts in Docs with its new email draft template. When an email is ready to send, all you need to do is click a button to export the content to a draft email in Gmail with all relevant fields already filled in. Meanwhile, Google also recently launched a meeting notes template that automatically imports all relevant information from a Google Calendar meeting invite, including smart bullets for attendees and attachments.

Finally, the company launched additional smart chips or clickable objects that pull relevant information directly into the collaboration canvas. For example, the new Maps smart chip allows you to easily preview a Google Maps link directly in Docs.

While Google Docs was once just a free office software suite designed to compete with Microsoft Office, the introduction of smart canvas, smart chips, and other AI-powered tools has made it the tool of choice. favorite online collaboration of users around the world.


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