Google celebrates adoption of Smart Canvas features


Building on their announcement in May last year which introduced Smart Canvasa new product experience that delivers the next evolution of collaboration for Google Workspace – Google posted today on The key word a summary of all Smart Canvas features released so far.

Additionally, Google bragged about the welcome adoption of these features by revealing that they are used in documents more often than well-established features, like comment. Below are all Smart Canvas features to date:


  1. Auto-generated summaries in Google Docs: High-level preview of your document’s content without having to read the whole page beforehand.
  2. Pageless format in Google Docs: Allows any text, image, table and more to automatically “reflow” based on screen size.
  3. Extension of the “@” menu: We used to be able to @-mention colleagues in Docs and Sheets, but this extension allows using the “@” menu to insert additional elements such as images, tables and templates.
  4. Meeting notes template: Automatically imports information from a calendar meeting invitation into a Google Doc, which you can use to take notes during said meeting.
  5. Preview Google Maps links directly in Google Docs: This uses a smart chip for which you will see a thumbnail. Once you click on it, it will expand in the Doc’s right sidebar.
Create meeting note templates on Google Docs
Google Maps smart chip in Google Docs

Google also took the opportunity to announce that with the extension of the “@” menu, a a new feature will be available in the coming weeks that will allow collaboration with others on an email in Docs. This will involve exporting your finished email as a draft. We haven’t seen exactly how this feature will work yet, but we can’t wait to try it out. We’ll keep an eye on you and let you know as new features become available in Workspace.



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