Free FRITZ!OS 7.39-96380 Lab for FRITZ!Box 6591


The FRITZ!Box company AVM has currently released a new lab firmware for FRITZ!OS 7.39-96380 for the FRITZ!Box 6591 cable. The update incorporates various bug fixes, improvements and changes in the areas of Internet, WLAN, home network, DECT/FRITZ!Fon, smart home and system, which can be seen below. The FRITZ!OS 7.39-96380 update for FRITZ!Box 6591 Cable can now be downloaded and analyzed from AVM. As a user of the lab variant, you can download the update via the FRITZ!Box user interface. Open the FRITZ!Box › Enter in the browser and log in › Click on Wizards › Update › Start the update by clicking on Search for a new FRITZ!OS and follow the instructions to get the new FRITZ!OS. Many more details about this update can be discovered under or on AVM.

Get -> Get FRITZ!OS 7.39-96380 for FRITZ!Box 6591 cable

The new firmware is available for download from the following AVM website:

  • Download FRITZ!OS 7.39-96380 for FRITZ!Box 6591 cable
    Focus: This lab firmware is only suitable for the FRITZ!Box 6591 cable!
    Website ->

Further improvements of FRITZ!OS 07.39-96380 for FRITZ!Box 6591


  • Progress: The IPv4 address for MyFRITZ!Net is not displayed on dual-stack connections with vendor-grade NAT The address of MyFRITZ!Net! usually resolves to the IPv6 address.

WiFi ->

  • Improvement: New message in “Procedure / Occasions” when a new critical session has been negotiated (connections according to typical WPA3/SAE).

residence network ->

  • Improvement: The web pages of the network machine elements have been revised.

New improvements in FRITZ!OS 7.39-96380 for the FRITZ!Box 6591


  • Improvement: a new configuration wizard greatly facilitates the generation of WireGuard connections.

WiFi ->

  • Presetting: It is again possible to set the WLAN transmission energy for the accessibility of the visitor community to the WLAN.
  • Preset: “WLAN / Radio Channel” page was not fully displayed with Safari on MacOS/iOS/iPadOS.


  • Mounted: Image delivery for RSS feeds is re-approved.
  • Enhancement: Improved amount of voice when voice sounds.

home network ->

  • Set: Enhancements to a network device’s detailed web pages incorrectly triggered the device lock.

smart household ->

  • Improvement: Google calendar configurations can be updated via a button.
  • Advancement: Routines can be turned on and off using templates.

Process ->

  • Set: deleted sent by mistake after taking note for additional dedication selection.
  • Progress: When the URL to lab notices is activated, the FRITZ!OS model is also transmitted.

Notes on the Lab Update for the FRITZ!Box

This FRITZ! The lab model has beta status. It has been tested in regular environments before launch, but it can also induce malfunctions. AVM assumes no responsibility for any problems resulting from the use of this version. You can turn the FRITZ!Box back into the official FRITZ!OS again using the recovery.exe file included in this lab bundle.

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Notice: To use the new features, use a web browser that supports HTML5, for example, existing versions of Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.


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