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Are you starting your small business? Chances are you’ll be carrying out the operation solo, or you’ll be assisted by a small team of a few friends or family members. Either way, starting any entrepreneurial venture would likely require you to wear many hats.

Fortunately, 21st century technology has provided small business owners with a variety of powerful tools to help lighten the load. From project management to social media marketing to accounting, these free apps can help boost your productivity, even with an all-me, myself, and me team.

For project management
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Tick ​​Tick is a great everyday partner because it provides the nudges you need to stay on track. This management app lets you list tasks and create separate lists to categorize them – perfect for a multi-hyphenate solo entrepreneur. Tick ​​Tick’s features include different calendar views for your work errands, the ability to share your lists with collaborators, priority sorters that let you view tasks through an Eisenhower matrix, and even a Pomodoro timer to help you focus on the job at hand.


Every business needs its headquarters, and Notion can be your all-in-one digital information hub. This powerful app lets you track work tasks and events in the Kanban view, write and keep all your meeting notes, and access a number of business templates, flow roadmaps to content calendars. The app also allows for an extremely customizable interface, so you can design your work dashboard with all the motivational dog emojis and memes your heart desires.

For financial monitoring

Peddlr is an in-house point-of-sale (POS) system that allows small business owners to record transactions as they happen. This POS app can be your mobile cashier, as it works like the self-checkout machines you would see in a grocery store or fast food restaurant. You can even connect the app to external printers to produce a physical receipt. With the app’s smart features, business owners can record sales, track expenses, maintain inventory, and even create an online store that allows customers to checkout seamlessly, all with just a few clicks.


Another locally developed application is Lista, an accounting system designed specifically for small and micro businesses. With this app, business owners can say goodbye to their stacks of manual notebooks. The app tracks your business cash flow and provides daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports of your expenses. You can also track your customers’ credit balance through the app Utang tab, which can even send free payment reminders via SMS or online messaging. For entrepreneurs with multiple projects, Lista can also create digital registers for multiple businesses, all in one app.

For social media content

Later is a social media scheduler that lets you schedule posts and find relevant content for sharing in a snap. The free version of the app lets you connect your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Pinterest business accounts for post scheduling. Later, it also curates shareable content for you by monitoring relevant hashtags, profiles, and even stock photos of your choice.


Want to jump on the TikTok or Instagram Reels marketing bandwagon? You will need Inshot in your pocket to easily edit your mobile video content. This jam-packed tool contains the essentials of video editing, such as trimming or adjusting the speed of clips, as well as a number of filters, transitions, vlog music, animated text and stickers for liven up your content.

As difficult as starting a new business can be, there are plenty of powerful tools available online at no cost. To complement these tools, you can also educate yourself with a plethora of free resources online, ranging from money management tips to branding basics. With these apps in your arsenal, you can better focus on growing your business. –


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