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If you are active on multiple social media platforms, you must try the post-scheduling calendar tools to publish your content.

The world of social media is expanding rapidly, and therefore it is becoming difficult for individual users to post regularly to all platforms at the right time. In order to manage when and what to post on social media, you need to stay organized. To make the whole process seamless and hassle-free, check out these eight social media calendar tools for scheduling posts.

Image showing the MeetEdgar interface

Image Credit: Meet Edgar

This comprehensive social media management tool doesn’t just schedule your content; he can also write messages on your behalf. Using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, it extracts content that elicits maximum engagement and suggests it to you.

You will have no problem using this tool because it is easy to understand and use. It makes it easier for you to manage multiple platforms by allowing you to manage them all by signing in through a single account. You can schedule posts to Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn through this tool.

This social media calendar tool allows you to schedule posts by category. Hence, you can quickly categorize your post into infographics, blogs, promotional posts, webinars, etc. It also allows you to highlight categories in distinct colors so that you can follow them easily.

To download: Meet Edgar for Android | ios (Price starting at $ 19 / month)

Visualization of the interface of the Buffer application

You may have heard the name Buffer because it is a pioneer in social media management tools. It gives you powerful planning and scheduling features. If you manage multiple social media accounts, this app will come in handy for you.

You can create a separate posting schedule for each of your accounts on different social media platforms. The platforms supported by this tool are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. You can write your posts here and customize them to suit the style of each social network, all from a single dashboard and hassle-free.

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The calendar feature of this stamp is designed to allow you to view scheduled posts and optimize them as needed.

To download: Buffer for Android | ios (Free in-app purchases available)

An image showing the Iconosquare application interface

Although it is primarily a social analysis tool, Iconosquare can also schedule your posts to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, you can monitor your mentions on Facebook and Instagram to manage your online reputation.

Iconosquare’s social publishing tool comes with versatile features. With its drag and drop feature, you can easily order your content as per your choice. The tool lets you schedule posts, carousels, and stories for Instagram, as well as Facebook statuses and tweets.

You can also take a look at your Instagram feed preview to see what it looks like before you post your content. It’s also possible to schedule your first comment with hashtags for better reach and engagement.

You can easily upload images from Dropbox or OneDrive to the Iconosquare media library. The tool allows you to separate your content to search the photos. By tagging the images used, it makes sure that you don’t post the same content twice.

To download: Iconosquare for Android | ios (Price starting at $ 49 / month)

Hopper HQ App Website and Features Visualization

Image Credit: Hopper HQ

If you are looking for an Instagram-friendly post scheduler, Hopper HQ is the right choice. If you have multiple Instagram accounts, you can manage them all through a single Hooper HQ connection. However, it also supports Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

This social media calendar planner comes with a neat interface, so you shouldn’t have any trouble navigating this app. Its bulk upload feature allows you to upload 50 articles at a time. You can also reschedule your social media posts.

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The tool also includes some cool image editing features. You can make your images eye-catching and attractive by adding filters, borders, and text overlays. It also allows you to preview your message. So you know what it will look like on your audience’s mobile screens and make changes if necessary.

To download: HQ of the hopper for ios (Price starting at $ 19 / month)

An image showing the interface of the SocialPilot web application

This comprehensive app for planning and posting to social platforms comes with robust features and an easy-to-use layout. It allows you to create visual posts with multiple images and GIFS, add carousel posts, post native videos and many more. You can also take advantage of its Canva integration feature to create a new image.

Supported social platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google My Business. The tool allows you to reschedule your posts to a different date or time on the same day for better engagement. You can also share your evergreen content with this app which continues to bring you more traffic and better user engagement.

In addition to using the direct Instagram post feature, you can also link your blog charges. Thus, your blog will be automatically shared on your social media accounts after it is published. After scheduling posts for an extended period of time, you can get an overview of how the plan will look.

To download: SocialPilot for Android | ios (Price starting at $ 42.50 / month)

A visual display of the Hootsuite app for social media

Image Credit: Hootsuite

When it comes to managing your social media efforts across multiple platforms, Hootsuite is one of the most popular tools. Its interactive and media-rich planner offers a comprehensive overview of your social media calendar.

The app displays a small visual preview of upcoming posts with the image caption and the post schedule. You can edit them directly from the Hootsuite platform.

The platforms supported by this tool are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. After creating content, its Composer tool allows you to preview according to the unique format of each social network. Besides planning, it allows you to identify publication gaps. Plus, with its Chrome extension, you can automatically include newly discovered content to your calendar.

To download: Hootsuite for Android | ios (Price starting at $ 49 / month)

An image showing the Agorapulse app posting times on social media

Besides social posting tools, Agorapulse comes with a content calendar to make it easier to manage social media accounts. It allows you to schedule and reschedule your social media posts. You can use the post queuing and mass post download features to schedule your posts on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Agorapulse supports the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Plus, it comes with a social media inbox. It allows you to administer all interactions of different platforms from one place. This feature ensures better engagement with the public.

To download: Agorapulse for Android | ios (Free in-app purchases available)

Falcon Social Post Scheduler App website visuals

Image Credit:

If you’re tired of juggling multiple social media accounts, try Falcon. This social media planner helps you plan and publish all upcoming social posts from one calendar.

With this all-in-one app, you can edit, preview, schedule and publish your social media posts without breaking a sweat.

The app supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and YouTube. It displays all your scheduled content based on date on different social platforms.

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To download: Hub by for Android | ios (Pricing starts from $ 129 / month)

Your social media followers grow based on the regular activities, like posts and shares, of your profile. Use any of the tools above to make posting content on social media seamless and convenient.

While creating social media content, you can also improve your workflow by using apps that help you create stunning visuals. You might also want to take a look at trends and see how you can take advantage of them, while also analyzing your social media performance.

Illustration of a social media engagement graphic
The 8 best tools for analyzing social media performance

Do you want to follow your performance on social networks? Here are some of the best tools you can use …

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How to Create a Content Calendar: Build a System! Fri, 09 Jul 2021 07:00:00 +0000

A social media calendar is a place to keep track of what you want to post on all of your social media platforms. It is the backbone of your social media management.

In an age when it is impossible to keep up with the speed at which people move on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

It saves time where you don’t have to brainstorm ideas every day

How to create a social media calendar

1. Create a list of the social media accounts you are currently using

Whether it’s Linkedin, Instagram or Youtube. Create a list of your social media accounts with a full description of your marketing channels and audiences

And the list doesn’t have to be long, only sites you trust can impact your business.

Don’t forget to mention the frequency of the content and the posting times per account.

For example Facebook – posts Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 p.m. Youtube – video every Sunday at 6 a.m. EST

2. Think about content ideas that will work for each account.

Take all your research and put it to use. List the content that can be used for each channel, such as:

  • Facebook – Post links to articles every Wednesday
  • Youtube – Video recipes every Tuesday
  • Linkedin – Company updates on Monday

Don’t forget to include future ideas for next month!

It’s best to create a content strategy ahead of time and then execute it. This way, you won’t automatically think about the best times and days to post each post to your blog. Instead, all you will need

3. Find a tool to configure your calendar

You can use tools like Trello to stay organized, keep the team in one place, and see all of your content in one place. Personally, we use Notion for our blog content calendar.

Choose a team then develop the workflow. For the SurfSaaS blog, our current content workflow is

IDEAS -> Start -> Research and plan -> Plan review -> Writing -> Final review -> Published (Score!)

Hope you get a rough estimate of how you should develop your content timeline. Schedule your posts in advance to make sure they arrive on the right days and times

Let’s be clear, create a strict timeline for why and when you will be posting content. Obviously, whatever you produce for your blog, make the timing count!

4. Develop a content promotion strategy (Develop storytelling)

It’s not hard to find someone who says it doesn’t matter how many posts you post if no one reads or cares.

It is the promotion of your content on various platforms including social networks. Make collaborations, go to interviews and guest lives, etc.

Keep spreading more and more content …

5. Make the necessary adjustments to keep everything fresh and interesting.

Don’t limit yourself to your content calendar workflow. Keep improving regularly in order to maintain the quality of your content.

Create your KPIs (key performance indicators) that will help you measure the effectiveness of your efforts. It can be anything like retweets, clicks, sales, or even followers.

Depends on the marketing strategy.

What matters is that you know which key metric you will use to measure the performance of your content marketing strategy.

This way, you can make adjustments to your content calendar strategy that will help you improve it!

6. Keep track of what works best so you can repeat it in the future.

Regarding Linkedin, Carousels worked for me. On Twitter, document the challenges and progress of our current scenario.

Continue to produce different types of formats. You will soon have your winner! 😉


Creating a social media calendar is a great way to stay organized and make sure you don’t miss out on any engagement opportunities.

If you follow the steps we’ve outlined, it will be easy to develop a content promotion strategy that incorporates storytelling in order to keep your followers engaged.

Once you’re sure what works best for each account, write down which posts get the most likes or shares so you can repeat them later!

Finally, set aside a time each day (or week) when you update all of your accounts with new content. This process should only take 10-15 minutes maximum if done consistently!

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Best Google Sheets and Excel online calendar templates Sun, 04 Jul 2021 07:00:00 +0000

While the official repository doesn’t have a lot of calendar templates for Google Sheets, you can check out this article to find some of the best templates. Here are the best Calendar templates for Google Sheets and Excel online.

Sometimes you might want to schedule all your appointments and tasks in Excel instead of a calendar app. What is the best alternative to the desktop version of Excel? Obviously, Google Sheets and Excel Online.

Unfortunately, you can’t find more than five calendar templates in the official Google Sheets repository, and you might not like the existing calendar templates for some reason. That is why you can find some of the calendar templates from other sources, for example on You can use these Excel Online templates in Google Sheets without any errors.

Google Sheets and Excel online calendar templates

Let’s take a detailed look at these calendar templates for Google Sheets and Excel Online to learn more about them.

  1. Program
  2. One month annual calendar
  3. Evergreen calendar
  4. Julian calendar
  5. Social media theme editorial calendar
  6. Illustrated academic calendar
  7. Moon phase calendar
  8. Calendar
  9. Shift schedule

1]Calendar (Google Sheets)

Best Google Sheets and Excel Online Calendar Templates

The Schedule is a Google Sheets-only template that you can use to create a daily schedule in moments. Although it is on a green background, you can modify it as you wish. On the other hand, it displays dates, days, times, etc., so that you can handle your tasks smoothly. Apart from that, you can write notes, add additional tasks, etc.

2]Any calendar year of a month

Best Google Sheets and Excel Online Calendar Templates

This is an Excel Online template that you can download and use with Google Sheets or even the Excel desktop app. The interface is neat and clean, and you won’t have a problem setting things up in this schedule. You can change the year or the month, but it is quite tricky to change the dates depending on the days. Download it from

3]Evergreen Calendar

Best Google Sheets and Excel Online Calendar Templates

If you want to activate a calendar with a dark theme, the Evergreen Calendar would be a good choice for you. You can find all the months in different sheets, which allows you to edit the calendar in the best possible way. The only problem with this template is that you might need to make other adjustments if you change the font in Google Sheets to conform to all the other elements. Download it from

4]Julian calendar

Best Google Sheets and Excel Online Calendar Templates

Julian Calendar is another calendar template available for Google Sheets and Excel Online. Like any other model, you can find all the month names at the bottom. The most important thing about this template is that you can find the week number at the start of a week which allows you to set things up. Download it from

5]Social media editorial thematic calendar

Best Google Sheets and Excel Online Calendar Templates

If you are a social media account manager and need to plan everything for multiple businesses on different social media sites, this template may come in handy for you. It lets you choose a title, content, deadline, post date, status, etc., so you can keep track of everything. Whether you manage Facebook, Twitter, or whatever, you can use this template. Download it from

6]Illustrated academic calendar

Best Google Sheets and Excel Online Calendar Templates

If you are a student and want to plan for the next semester, this calendar template would be a great option for you. First of all, it is completely uncluttered so that you can focus only on your study and other essential things. Finally, there is a place to take notes for the month to help you study better during exam period. Download it from

7]Phases of the lunar calendar

Best Google Sheets and Excel Online Calendar Templates

If the phases of the moon play a role for you, you can check out this calendar template. It is quite unique and uses all the images to show the state of the moon for a month. That’s why you might run into some issues while using this particular template in Google Sheets. However, if you plan to use it in Excel Online, you will not face any problem. Download it from


Best Google Sheets and Excel Online Calendar Templates

When you don’t want a lot of options and want to get a simple one-page calendar, this is probably a great option for you. You don’t have to flip through pages to find the next or previous month’s schedules. On the other hand, it is fully compatible with Google Sheets and Excel Online. Download it from

9]Shift schedule

Best Google Sheets and Excel Online Calendar Templates

Suppose you are self-employed and work in several companies at the same time. It is quite difficult to manage all the work to meet all the deadlines in such a situation. You can use the Shift work calendar template in Google Sheets and Excel Online to set everything according to the corresponding deadline. Since it also records how many days you spent working for a particular company, that would be handy for you. Download it from

That’s all! Here are some calendar templates for Google Sheets and Excel Online. Hope you like them.

Read: How to create a calendar in Microsoft Excel.

Best Google Sheets and Excel Online Calendar Templates

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Summer TV calendar 2021: previews and finals in June, July, August Mon, 14 Jun 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Summer TV season is upon us, and unlike last year, this time around it looks quite normal, if not very rugged!

Because in addition to the usual summer rate (like Big Brother and Animal Kingdom), we also have some regular season postponements (including new bundles of Supergirl, good girls and Riverdale).

The return of the lovable Ted lasso is one of the great highlights of this summer, as well as the new seasons of Evil, DC’s Stargirl, The Good Fight, American Horror Story, Roswell New Mexico and The L word: generation Q. Update, because people asking: No, there is still no word on Blood and treasure Season 2. Nothing.

Leverage effect: buyout is part of the fresh (ish) dishes, just like the new Gossip Girl, Book of Power III (which I still maintain sounds like a laptop) and a trip back to Fantastic island.

There are also a handful of series that will say sayonara this summer, including the grand finals of Conan, Van Helsing, Bosch, Atypical, The haves and have-nots and The daring type.

By popular demand and curated by hand by a jury of exactly one, TVLine presents this concise schedule of June premieres and finals, along with a pair of tinted boxes filled with to select Premieres in July and August. Now you know the age-old exercise: Click to zoom, print, laminate and / or frame, and save dates! (UPDATE 6/16 AM)

Preemptive PS My calendar building skills even to this day are a work in progress so if you spot anything that is (theoretically) missing drop a (polite) note in the comments and I might include it in the next one. update.

Want a scoop on one of these shows? You are quite right ! Send an email to and your question can be answered via Matt’s Inside Line!

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Destiny 2 Season 14 reveals content schedule and roadmap Tue, 04 May 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Bungie officially unveiled Destiny 2 Season 14, Season of the Splicer. Kick-off is scheduled for Tuesday May 11 and will last until Tuesday August 24 Destiny 2 players will spend most of their summer making their way through Season of the Splicer content. For Destiny 2 With fans wondering what to expect for Season of the Splicer, Bungie has released a content schedule and roadmap to let fans know when they can expect certain content.

From May 11 Destiny 2 Fans can look forward to the Season of the Splicer intro mission that shows how the Vex plunged Earth into an endless night. May 11 will also see the addition of Destiny 2the armor synthesis system, the stasis aspect quests and the first Override activity, which will take place on Europa. Override, for the uninitiated, is a new 6-player matchmaking activity in Destiny 2 where players will fight against the Vex. Think of it as the Season of the Splicer equivalent of the Battlegrounds of Season of the Chosen.

RELATED: Bungie Reveals Weapon Upgrades For Destiny 2 Season 14

Then, on May 14, the Trials of Osiris will begin, followed by the Iron Banner and a new map for Override which will take place on the moon on May 18. May 22 will see the long-awaited return of the Vault of Glass raid, debuting in Destiny 2 after having already appeared in the first Destiny 2. On May 25, fans can look forward to the first Pinnacle Weekly Mission, as well as new Override activity on the Tangled Shore.

Click to view the image in full size.

Splicer Fate 2 Seasons Calendar Roadmap

June 1 will see yet another Weekly Pinnacle mission, with new Weekly Pinnacle missions added on June 8, June 15, June 22, and June 29 as well. June 8 will see the return of the Iron Banner, while June 15 will see the updated Vault of Glass raid with challenges. Iron Banner will return again on June 29, while Solstice of Heroes kicks off on July 6. On July 6, difficulty options will also be added to the Vault of Glass raid.

August 3 will end the Solstice of Heroes event and see the return of the Iron Banner to Destiny 2‘s Crucible one last time before the splicer season ends. On August 10, fans can look forward to an epilogue that concludes the Splicer Season story. And then they’ll have a few more weeks to complete any remaining Season 14 Seasonal Challenges they may need to complete, as the Gluer Season ends on August 24.

Bungie teased even more new content for Destiny 2 Season 14 in addition to what’s listed in the roadmap, so there should be plenty of content for fans of the game to look forward to in the months and weeks ahead.

Destiny 2 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

MORE: Destiny 2’s New Transmog Feature Explained

talked about east and west
Forspoken seems to mix Eastern and Western influences of Square Enix

Square Enix’s next game seems to draw equal parts from Western and Eastern influences like Final Fantasy.

Read more

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May TV Calendar – Finals, Premieres and Specials Calendar Thu, 29 Apr 2021 07:00:00 +0000

When will viewers have to give up their Mom addiction? When Black Lightning turn on for the last time? When will NCIS agents in New Orleans solve their last case? And when do Last man standing (again) take a seat?

The end of this really weird TV season (or at least some of it?) is fast approaching, and in addition to the aforementioned series finals quintet, the coming weeks will also end dozens of single seasons, while a bunch of cable shows will also conclude their current broadcasts.

On the way to filling all of those voids, however, there are a plethora of season, midseason, and series premieres, including those from HBO. Processing revival, the return of The CW’s Superman and Lois, Peacock picking Girls5eva, Amazon’s trip to The Underground Railroad and Disney + calls Star wars‘Bad Batch in action.

To help you stay on top of everything, TVLine features this handy schedule of over 115 finals, premieres, comebacks and specials in the month of May. (Note in bold that few will read: Some favorites don’t even have provisional dates worth including for now. Follow us on twitter for updates.)

But wait, there is more! Because this interrupted TV season seems to have no real end, we also included a super-confirmed June sample and July end dates. Click to zoom / print, and save those dates! (Updated 5 p.m. / 6 p.m.)

Preemptive PS My calendar skills aren’t foolproof (and 10 years later I’m starting to think they aren’t will be!), so if you spot something that is (theoretically) missing drop a (polite) note in the comments and I might include it in an update.

Want a scoop on any of the shows above? Email and your question can be answered via Matt’s Inside Line!

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Jefferson Co. Schools released a content calendar for Spring Break | Newspaper Thu, 01 Apr 2021 02:15:03 +0000

CHARLES TOWN – With spring break almost here for Jefferson County students, the district has released its schedule for electives while schools are closed. Spring break begins on Friday and students return on April 12.

Hans Fogle, the district’s public information officer, said the programming was different from what it had been in years.

“The social-emotional support department has worked very hard to ensure that students, staff and the community have fun activities that they can choose to complete while they are away,” said Fogle. “We have a series of speakers and events scheduled to take place throughout next week.”

There are activity cards designed for each grade level – elementary, middle and high school – to meet the needs of these age cohorts. Students and families are encouraged to complete one or two activities per day, with a challenge to complete them all by the end of spring break.

The cards are broken down with activities from Tuesday to Friday, covering each of the letters SOMO, the abbreviation for the socio-emotional support department.

Elementary level activities range from making someone laugh and exercise to building a blanket fort and smiling and greeting a neighbor. College activities also introduce the basics like exercising or making someone laugh, but include more age-appropriate activities like learning to say “Hello” in five different languages, replacing text with a phone call. or trade in an hour of screen time for an artistic activity. High school activities go one step further, challenging students to do things like write a song, plan a family game night, or take a virtual excursion to another country using an online satellite. .

thumbnail_Spring Break Activity Card - Middle

For elementary school students, Dr Sara Bharwani will teach virtual yoga on April 6 and Tony M. Music will host a virtual concert on April 8. Amy Moore of the Potomac Valley Audubon Society will be hosting a virtual conference on the region’s wildlife. April 9. Middle school students are also encouraged to join the concert and conference.

thumbnail_Spring Break Activity Card - High School

High school students are having a blast with a virtual talk by Rousawn Dozier on Incentives to Persevere on April 7. Older students are also free to join Tony M.

For more information on Jefferson County Spring Break content, to print a SOMO card, or to log in to one of the events, visit the Spring Break page under the Social and Emotional Support page on the site. Jefferson County Schools Web. There are separate links to pages for elementary, high school, and high school students as well as adults and community members.

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Create that impeccable content calendar to boost your brand’s engagement on social media Tue, 30 Mar 2021 07:00:00 +0000

A content calendar, also called publication calendar or editorial calendar, is used for the control of publications on multiple channels: social media platforms, newspapers, blogs / videoblogs, emails, etc. The main goal of any content calendar is to ensure that all relevant post types appear regularly on the relevant posting channels. Therefore, such calendars are very important for an internal organization of a publishing process. According to advice shared by digital editors, an editorial calendar also makes it easier to refer to content that has already been published. In addition, more links to them ensure better search engine rankings.

The usefulness of a content calendar

Sharing content calendars with advertisers makes it possible to attract the latter and to better organize an advertising act. The same is true for readers. Posting (relevant) posts on a well-planned schedule causes them to visit a company’s social media pages / accounts at regular intervals. It aims to build a loyal readership. good Example of an editorial calendar is the one designed for the Special Reports section of Financial Times magazine. He points out that the articles are expected to be published more than a year and a half in the future.

Recommendations for creating a qualitative content calendar

Add enough detail

According to For Maria Sotra, member of Forbes Councils and vice-president of marketing at Geotab, we must aim to make an ultra-detailed editorial plan. First, it means creating a comprehensive list of topics, trying to comprehensively cover the topics most relevant to readers. Second, it means specifying the type / format of a post and whether it is part of promotional or editorial content. Different formats serve different purposes. Also, providing your audience with different types of content will help to hold their attention longer and ensure better engagement. Some popular types of content are:

  • videos,
  • case studies,
  • infographics,
  • leaflet,
  • event documents (including for virtual events).

To better serve your readers, your content calendar can include synopses for the articles you are going to publish. A title alone is often insufficient to infer what will appear in any published article. Therefore, it can be useful to include a rough overview of an article / article if it is available. This is not required for all articles, and it is not necessary to follow these outlines like the 10 commandments when it is time to publish. A subject exposed to further examination dictates its headings or elements which may differ from those originally intended.

Make it resilient by giving it flexibility

Some scheduled interviews may not work, some topics may become irrelevant overnight. Others may emerge spontaneously requiring urgent attention from a whole team. Your content schedule is never set in stone, but enough effort is needed to provide at least some flexibility and resilience. This means including backup or alternate topics, specifying which topics have higher priority. Some lower priority topics could be omitted if necessary. Fortunately, when your subject is automotive news, it is usually easy to come up with an alternative or backup ideas that would still prove relevant to many readers.

There may be times when your team may not be able to deliver posts on time. A life saving solution, in this case, might be to hire a third party who provides on-demand writing services. Among the latter, a huge niche is occupied by services which help students in their academic work. As expert Estelle Liotard writes about one of these services, “while GetGoodGrade Thesis Writing Service mainly focuses on helping students with their theses or academic work, they could easily provide you with a business or marketing case study, or many other types of specialized content. Those who are willing to take this approach further might even use this third-party content for entire sections on their websites or social media pages.

Make it an ongoing team effort

Creating a content calendar should bring everyone involved together for brainstorming sessions. This is how you can capitalize on the variety of perspectives your team can produce, even though some of them may be contradictory. When completed, this product of teamwork would serve as a guiding document for an entire team. This allows them to have an overview and to better direct their efforts. In addition, it helps to avoid working on overlapping or redundant content and the confusion and perception of inefficiency that this can cause. As your schedule needs to be adapted / updated, this needs to be done in a transparent way so that your whole team is in the know. You can use the most basic collaboration software tools for this purpose (such as Google Sheets).

Do not limit the diversity of the content provided

Because it has timelines and friendships / follow-up, social media is a powerful tool to hold the customer’s attention. The typical format and length of a post varies greatly from one social media platform to another. However, they are usually considerably limited for each platform. This should not affect the diversity of posts that will be scheduled in your content calendar.

For example, automotive industry news can benefit a lot from:

  • high-resolution image galleries from a Automobile exhibition,
  • rotating 3D representations of car models,
  • interactive diagrams and graphs comparing car specifications,
  • long reads and long videos, etc.

Often times, social media platforms are ill-suited or unable to display such content or simply too slow to process it. But social media is only needed to present readers with an engaging snippet of information – the rest of your content in any format is accessible on the relevant website through the accompanying link. Videos are some of the types of content that work very well on social media – in general, videos attract more traffic, lead to higher conversion rates, and offer better ROI.

Final thoughts

The link established with the public via social networks is a precious instrument. It can be exploited to engage with it over and over for a variety of purposes, including for sales proposals. But to maintain visibility on social media, it is essential to post original content frequently and at regular intervals. This is further amplified by the operation of recommendation algorithms (timeline) on these platforms. A content calendar can make the publishing process much more efficient and organized, benefiting content publishers, client audiences, and even advertisers.

Atlanta’s Small Business Network, from startup to success, we’re your go-to resource for small business news, expert advice, information and event coverage.

While you’re here, don’t forget to subscribe to our email newsletter for all the latest business information from the Atlanta Small Business Network.

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Black Girl Holidays Content Calendar Celebrates Black Femininity and Key Events – Blogging Tips & Events for Content Creators Around the World Tue, 09 Feb 2021 08:00:00 +0000

One of my biggest issues with traditional calendars and planners is the lack of vacations and special events that I really care about, like Beyoncé’s birthday (September 4th, in case you didn’t know) and the release date of BAPS (March 28). This is not the case with Patrice Cameau’s Black Girl Holidays calendar. It’s literally “365 days of black magic” marked with all the cultural moments we typically rely on social media to remind us of. To be honest, there are quite a few things I didn’t even know existed, like National Unplug Day (!) And Single Parent Day.

Besides the fact that this calendar is fully funded, created and designed by black women, Cameau says it was vital for her to “share the experience of creating this resource with other black women business owners,” ensuring that ‘it be practical and celebrates the performance.

Lazy loaded image

“Black women continue to be severely underrepresented in leadership positions in all industries, occupying just 4% of leadership positions compared to the 32% held by white women, according to 2019 Bureau data. of Labor Statistics in the United States, “she noted in a press. Release.

In addition, Cameau cites a recent Forbes article which says black women make up 42% of new female-owned businesses – three times their share of the female population – and 36% of all black-owned employer businesses.

“This same article says that research shows that due to COVID-19, most black and female-run businesses only have a few weeks to a month of cash flow.”

Lazy loaded image

Sherrie Sauvage

So while this calendar is certainly not a magic pill for your publishing efforts, black creatives will certainly have a head start in creating unique content that reflects their cultural background, while also supporting the black women who have created. this resource.

The calendar, available in hard copy or as a PDF download, comes with space to write affirmations, a comprehensive vision board with nine categories (mental / physical, financial / wealth, career, family, travel, love, home, hobbies, spiritual) quarterly planning / reflection sheets incredibly detailed and beautiful illustrations to keep you inspired.

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Sherrie Sauvage

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Most importantly, each month is filled with notable birthdays, historic moments (like Vice President Kamala Harris’s swearing-in ceremony!), Vacations, and other black girl-centric events to keep on your radar. This includes the most popular moments, as well as contemporary moments that creatives will find especially rewarding to see. Buy the Black Girl Holidays Content Calendar here.

This month, we’re hosting Winning Women, a weekly virtual celebration of the revolutionary black designers you know and love. Sign up for free entry.

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Seasonal calendar of selected content Tue, 02 Feb 2021 08:00:00 +0000

Bungie Releases Previews Of Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen, Including New Activities, Strikes, and Lawsuits; all summarized in a calendar.

cabal season 13

Destiny 2 Season 13, called Season of the Chosen, is now officially unveiled and there is a lot to dig into. As Hunting season Coming to an end, the Hive retreat and the Cabal come forward for peaceful and not so peaceful negotiations. Players will be engaging with the new Royal Cabal forces under Caiatl’s command over the next 3 months, so here is the content schedule for specific dates.

Bungie publishes a content calendar before each Destiny 2 season as a mini preparation guide. This isn’t a roadmap showing what content Bungie is working on, but rather a timeline of highlights for the season. The studio deliberately doesn’t note all of the upcoming changes and events over the course of a season, as the community benefits from surprises.

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For starters, each player will have access to the HELM social space and the two Return Strikes (Devil’s Lair and Fallen SABER) on February 9. On the same day, two battlefields will open for Season Pass holders. This is the new matchmaking activity for Season 13 where players repel Cabal invasions across multiple worlds.

The same day, Beyond the light holders will be able to begin a quest for a new Aspect, a powerful trinket that personalizes the way the Stasis subclasses play. A week later, a new battlefield will open and another the following week. On March 23, the all-new Proving Grounds Strike will be available for Season Pass holders, but it will enter the Strike playlist for all players a week later. The Nightfall will also be on the proving grounds on March 30.

Crimson Days will never return, but Guardians Games will last from April 20 to May 9, with Bungie planning to have a “closing ceremony” during the last two days of the event. Meanwhile, Trials of Osiris with all new armor and weapons will be open every weekend for all players and Iron Banner will be making a comeback every month, mid-month.

There’s a Secret Exotic Tex Mechanica Quest coming out this spring as well, but no details are known yet. The season will offer even more incentives to play, such as several exclusive Nightfall weapons, several new weapons added to ritual playlists (Strike, Crucible, Gambit), a revamped Umbral Engram system making a comeback for good and more. activities such as seasonal challenges.

In all, Season of the Chosen is intended to be fairly comprehensive and seems to offer more content compared to recent seasons.

Destiny 2 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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Hell Let Loose Open Beta Kicks Off This Week

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