Fall TV Schedule – Series and Season Premiere Dates Schedule


The fall TV season is upon us! And to help you keep tabs on it all, TVLine presents its famous handy schedule (and it is a calendar) of the premiere dates of September, October and November.

After two years of increasingly less pandemic-tempered fall schedules, this year’s slate is stronger than ever, delivering a returning cornucopia and new series airing, streaming and on cable, including high-profile dramas, tried-and-true how-tos, stalwart sitcoms, far-off rates, and a curated selection of reality TV offerings.

Attached is our calendar of dates for September and early October (including some end of series and other finals), as well as a tinted box containing very select the first at the end of October and November. (New series are listed in BOLDtime zones are as always Eastern.) Click to zoom/print/highlight/frame and save these dates! (UPDATE 9/6, noon)

PENDING STREAMING SHOWS FOR MID-SEASON: 9-1-1: Lone Star, Accused (Fox), Alert (Fox), A Million Little Things, American Auto, American Idol, The Bachelor, The Blacklist, Crime Scene Kitchen, Fantasy Island, The Flash last season, Gotham Knights (CT), Grand Crew, Housebroken, Judge Steve Harvey, Krapopolis (Fox), LA Fire and Rescue (NBC), Jargon (SCS), Nancy Drew, Senior Level Leader, NOTIghyou VSohyouryou (NBC), not dead yet (ABC), Riverdale last season, Superman & Lois, that’s my jam, hard as nails, true lies (SCS), The wall, Wheel (NBC), and The good yearsamong others.

Preemptive PS My calendar skills have never been foolproof (even after 11+ years!), so if you spot something missing (theoretically), drop a (polite) note in the comments and I’ll (maybe) include it in an update!

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