Facebook: How to Create a Content Calendar for Your Organization


As a member of government, politics, or nonprofit marketing, your days are busy and filled with dozens of different tasks that need to be accomplished. Does “Posting to Social Media” drop lower on your to-do list throughout the day? If so, we’re here to help. A content calendar can help you stay organized when communicating with your online community. Making the time once a week to schedule your posts can save you time, keep you organized, and help you stay on top of the list with your community.

Why should you use a content calendar?

  • You just need to be creative once a week. Creativity takes a lot of brain power. Centralizing your time to be creative with your social media posts allows you to focus your creative energy and can earn more engaging content.
  • It will help you stay consistent. Having a content calendar can drastically reduce the time it takes to publish – you’ll just have to copy and paste. Better yet, you can use Creator Studio to schedule your posts in advance if you know you won’t have time in the future. If something happens, you can always edit or cancel scheduled posts.
  • Build trust with your community. Posting content consistently is one of the best ways to increase engagement and build trust with your community. It shows that you are sharing news and information in a timely manner and that your Page can become a reliable source of information.

What is included in a content calendar?

  • Dated: Be sure to include any holidays or special events that you want to be highlighted.
  • Theme: Note whether this post fits into a larger campaign like Donate tuesday, public health information or a campaign event.
  • Legend: Create the text of your post, which can include hashtags or tag other pages.
  • Visual description: Indicate whether you will share an item such as a photo, graphic, or website link.
  • Format: Note what type of post it is (photo, video, link, text or story) so that you can guarantee a variety of post types to reach different people with different preferences in your audience.
  • Creators studio: if you use Creators studio To schedule your posts, you can easily customize your text for Facebook and Instagram to make it more appealing to your audience on each platform.

If you’re ready to start using a content calendar to improve your planning process, download our content calendar template.


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