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Extensions are event-driven programs used to modify or improve the browsing experience in Chrome. Events are browser triggers, such as navigating to a new page, deleting a bookmark, or closing a tab. Extensions track these events in their background script and then respond with specific instructions. Google Chrome extensions are add-ons for Google Chrome that users use to customize their browsers. This means that every Chrome user can create the experience that best suits their needs.

There are many useful extensions and apps that an event developer, office managers, and administrators can add to their Google Chrome browser to make work more efficient. As an executive assistant, office manager, or event planner, you need to look for technologies that speed up the delivery of your work. The weather is changing and almost every aspect of human life is related to technology.

These technologies are designed to help increase human productivity and efficiency. Therefore, an event planner is constantly using advancements in technology to improve their craft. Event planners should use Chrome extensions to better plan their time and resources, make their services more efficient and reduce their workload. Google Chrome extensions are also needed to track events and ensure their accuracy.

Here is the list of the best event extensions for chrome browser

Record background scripts

Background scripts are entered in the manifest under the “background” field. They are listed in an array after the “scripts” key and “persistent” should be set to false. Multiple module background scripts can be entered.

Initialize Extension

Listen to the execution. in the Installed event to initialize an extension during installation. Use this event to set a state or for one-time configuration, such as a context menu.

Filter events

Use APIs that support event filters to limit listeners in cases where the extension makes sense. If an extension listens for tabs. in the updated event try to use web browsing. on the completed event with filters, because the API tab does not support filters.

Download background scripts

Data should be retained periodically so that important information is not lost in the event of an extension error without suspended download. Use the Storage API to help you. If an extension uses messaging, make sure all ports are closed. The background script will not be removed until all message ports are closed. Listening to the port running on the disconnect event will provide information about when open doors are closed. Stop them manually with runtime port shutdown. The lifetime of a background script can be observed by monitoring the appearance and disappearance of an entry for the Chrome task manager extension.

Event merging

All events need an event merge extension as it visually merges the same events spread across multiple Google calendars into one. This includes your personal journal, your work journal, and your shared journal. This extension is important if you have multiple email accounts for your organization, as it helps prevent events from piling up on your calendar, making it difficult to sort and read. The Event Merge extension also eliminates the risk of duplicate events by assigning individual slots to events with all available calendar colors.

Labels for Google Calendar

The Google Calendar tag is a visual plugin that adds special marks to question marks and tags to event names. Causes a modification of two Google Calendar bookmarks. These changes are:

  • For event names that have a colon, sections before the colon will appear as a colored label. This will help you distinguish between different types of events without having to create multiple calendars. For example, “Accelerators: Conference 2022” becomes “Conference 2022”.
  • Any event name that ends with a question mark will be displayed transparently and in italics to indicate that it is optional or has not yet been confirmed.

facebook invites everyone

You can use the Invite Everyone Facebook extension to invite multiple people to an event without reading a long list. You can use the “Select All” button on Facebook to invite large groups of friends. You will find the “Select All” function in the upper right corner of the friends list.

Boomerang Calendar

If you are a Gmail user, this is the perfect extension for you. Boomerang Calendar lets you schedule appointments and appointments in your email. This tool is designed to simplify your programming and make it transparent. The Boomerang calendar also allows users to send the calendar multiple times to a recipient, with the recipient choosing the time that works best for them. Plus, the boomerang also syncs with your existing calendars.


One advantage of Formplus for you as an event developer is that you can easily create any form you can think of. It provides more than enough templates to choose from and you can also customize your forms without a single line of code. You can create inventory forms, checklist forms, and other types of forms you might need for your events. You can also share the forms via social media platforms and email.

Checker Plus

Check plus is an extension that allows users to preview their appointments and events from multiple email accounts. Provides notifications. Event planners can use this extension to read or listen to messages from multiple email accounts and even delete them without opening Google Mail. This extension also has voice and pop-up alerts.

Event Duration for Google Calendar

Event developers can use Google Calendar’s event duration to better manage their time and create precisely scheduled events. The default duration you create will be the meeting duration for all online events in your organization or community. However, this duration can be modified if necessary.

add this

You can use AddThis extension to share web content to multiple social networks using one place. AddThis is compatible with over 300 social networking sites, so it will save you a lot of time. As a developer or social media manager, you should make this extension a priority as it also allows you to print, translate and add bookmarks. This will make sharing on social networks less tedious.


If you manage a team, TeamCal may be the tool you need. TeamCal rearranges your calendar so you can see your team’s work and availability in one field. It’s a very visual way to see how your team is spending their time. Schedule shifts, breaks, and availability to ensure your team’s bases are covered.

toggle button

Toggl is a popular time tracking software that is especially useful for freelancers who need to track time spent on specific tasks. The Toggl button allows you to follow your activities in real time. Once you install it and give it access to integration with Google Calendar, it will allow you to start the stopwatch on specific appointments and meetings that you have saved.

google calendar tags

Do you work to stay organized? Google Calendar tags can help. This extension creates a bookmark switch that allows selected tags to appear as highlight boxes on your timeline. Typing “Disclosure: Call Brian” will highlight everything before the colon. It’s an easy way to give your calendar a little more organization at a glance.

ReminderCall Chrome Extension

With the ReminderCall extension for Chrome, you can send automatic appointment reminders from from Google Calendar in two simple steps. You can now import events into Google Calendar and enable appointment reminders on, add contacts, and send automated appointment reminders from anywhere on the web. Choose from text, call or email reminders. This extension requires a ReminderCall account.

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