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About the best alternatives to Google Keep on Android

As the next generation workforce evolves into a completely paperless and eco-friendly home or office, online note-taking applications become necessary. Since the launch of Google Keep in 2013, it has grown into one of the best online note-taking apps to date. To-do lists are a great way to incorporate the craziness and fuzziness of life into some form of structured writing. However, it is amazing to have a glorified text editor (Google Keep) with cutting edge artificial intelligence and millions of data points just to create simple bulleted lists.

Taking notes has been the best way to remember and write down important points in all aspects of our life. From pencil and paper to smartphones and pencils, the experience, although it has changed considerably, the principle remains the same. Writing something down not only helps you remember what you wrote, but it also maximizes your productivity skills.

Google Keep has been around for years and it’s a pretty crazy classic. Not only does it have known updates from its provider, Google, but thanks to its web version and its availability on various platforms, Google Keep is undoubtedly one of the most widely used note-taking applications. It is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome Web Store, and many more.

Check out the list of the best alternatives to Google Keep on Android

Standard Notes

Standard Notes is probably the best open source alternative to Google Keep if you’re looking for something simple with cross-device support. There are apps for all major desktop and mobile platforms (plus a web client), notes are end-to-end encrypted, and there’s no limit to the number of devices you can sync. Honestly, not much to complain about.

If you are a security-conscious professional working with critical data and ideas, you can try the free version of the Standard Notes online notebook app. The app is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android devices. Access to the cloud is also available through any web browser.

Standard Notes provides access to external extensions and because it is open source, the possibilities are endless. You can take notes in the same boring Calibri font, or even go crazy and write your homework in a personalized, colorful template – it’s up to you! The mobile app is just as powerful as the web extension, allowing its users to fully customize it with the theme of their choice.


Evernote is a fully designed platform that allows you to store many different types of information from various sources in one place. It is one of the best alternatives to Google Keep with tons of features that you can take full advantage of. You can also create personalized notes using one of the many templates available. If you own an iPad, you can even dare to take notes with the stylus for a truly unique experience. You can do the usual things like take a note, make a checklist, but what sets Evernote apart is its powerful editor.

The app available for Android and iOS is beautifully designed, with a splash of green color for a relaxing look. Evernote is a very powerful note-taking app and is meant to make it easier for you to collaborate with other colleagues, if you have them. You can add images, videos, GIFs and much more to personalize your notes more and more every day. The service also has Web Clippers to easily link and share any item you find online.


Todoist provides a minimalistic user interface for the desktop and the web with a two column layout. The right column allows you to list the tasks with colored quotes, as well as additional information such as the name of the project to which the work belongs. The best thing is that even the free version of this platform does not come with any annoying pop-ups or ads. It does not ask you to update unless you are trying to access some premium feature of this app.

Todoist aims to break the stereotype that all note takers should have only the required characteristics. It does this by bringing a much more advanced list building experience to the table, adding things like a karma counter to motivate you to do your tasks even better. Like Evernote and Google Keep, Todoist is available on a host of devices, including Android, iOS, web extensions, a dedicated Windows client, and even a basic responsive client for working on operating systems like Linux and Ubuntu.

Todoist has a dynamic design with great, easy-to-understand elements to work with. You can add simple tasks or create projects and add tasks to separate them from others. You can also take notes as usual, add reminders, calendar updates and more to this experience. There is also a search filter that helps you find a specific star group in several advanced ways. It also has a native mobile app that follows a similar design principle, but each column provides a separate view. You can also collaborate and share tasks through Todoist.

Microsoft OneNote

This Google Keep alternative can be used on various touch devices with a stylus or digitizer pen, making hand-held note taking incredibly intuitive. Compared to other note-taking apps, it has the most responsive ink, which is often preferred over writing. Microsoft OneNote is everything you would expect from a full-featured note-taking app. Although OneNote is included in Microsoft’s suite of apps, you can use it independently on Windows, Android, or even iOS. It follows the same square design as other Microsoft apps, but has some unique features.

You can beautifully code your tasks for easy recognition, use your creativity to draw and write on your notes yourself, and even share your notes with your loved ones. Like Evernote, Microsoft’s OneNote also has a rich editor, allowing you to crop videos, images, and GIFs while sharing your notes with others. It also allows you to organize information hierarchically by grouping data into multiple items and categories such as sections, pages, and notebooks. The first two can be sorted into additional groups which can also be collapsed and expanded in list view.

Simple remark

This note taking app is developed by Automattic Inc., which is also the organization that created and runs WordPress. It reassured us to know that your note taking app will obviously have a very pleasant experience using it. And indeed, we were right. The moment you open the app, you are greeted with a minimalist design.

You can easily create and edit lists offline and sync them later when you’re online. This way, you can work well on your to-do list even when you don’t have access to an active data connection without worrying about losing your job. Simplenote gives you a completely minimal interface with no toolbars or additional features like Google Keep. It just consists of a sidebar with garbage filters, tags, existing notes, and a search button.

There are no complicated menus, no maps, not even options visible at first glance. So we can say that Simplenote by Automattic stays true to its name. On the surface, it almost looks like a Microsoft-inspired app, although it does have some Material Design hints. In the settings, you can also choose between a dark theme and a light theme.


Zenkit is a powerful and easy to use tool that offers a clean design and an attractive user interface. It doesn’t involve any learning curve and makes it easier than ever to take notes or create lists on different platforms. It has a lot more features than Google Keep or its other alternatives, and it offers some very useful tools. Think of Zenkit as a complete productivity app that keeps you and your team on track.

The app offers all kinds of different views to review all your tasks, organize them, and schedule them accordingly. The app’s user interface seems to be inspired by an iOS-like design language, but that’s okay as everything is responsive and works flawlessly.

This alternative to Google Keep also offers native applications for or various operating systems like Android, iOS, Linux, Windows and Mac OS. Moreover, it also has API integration which allows you to export your data through different applications.

Final words: the best alternatives to Google Keep on Android

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