Assembly Legal announces the launch of Neos Intake Pro to offer law firms end-to-end client management


November 26, 2021 11:17 a.m. ET


Assembly Legal, the leading provider of legal case management software, announces the availability of Neos Intake Pro, a software module that gives law firms actionable insights at every stage of the customer journey and, when combined with the Neos case management software, offers seamless conversion of input to cases.

Neos Intake Pro helps businesses enroll the right customers quickly with features designed to speed up data entry, streamline workflows, and reduce errors. This new lead management admissions solution performs conflict and duplicate checks and automates document generation and customer communications.

“High-volume law firms are looking for ways to be more competitive so they can convert more inquiries into business,” says Mckay ferrell, vice president of product management at Assembly Legal. “Neos Intake Pro will help these businesses be more efficient at increasing lead volume while improving their customer experience while providing greater visibility into a business’s performance. “

Thanks to a Zapier integration, customers will be able to connect web forms to Neos for quick lead capture. Businesses can generate referrals and rejections with the click of a button, customize dynamic questionnaires to onboard customers faster, and send deals through DocuSign. Once captured, it’s easy to view and prioritize cases by step, view admission details in a timeline view of cases, and create custom communication templates.

When combined with Neos Case Management, all notes, documents, calendar dates and checklist items are transferred seamlessly from intake to case for complete pipeline management. Businesses can monitor activity by creating custom dashboards to track lead conversion, ROI for specific ads, and more.

“The features we have built into Neos Intake Pro give our customers the power to tailor the technology to their business,” says Jim garrett, CTO at Assembly Legal. “Intake Pro’s layout manager is fully customizable with logic to show and hide fields based on the information provided during a contribution. Software administrators can set up workflows and drip campaigns with triggered actions to make the technology work for their practices. “

Neos Intake Pro is now available for purchase for existing Neos customers and new customers.

To learn more about Neos Intake Pro, visit or join the webinar at Thursday, November 18, 2021:

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