Announcing CXera for Google to Create Digital Microsites in Google Meeting Invitations


“If you’re using Google Calendar, you can generate a CXera digital microsite in the invitation with one click,” said Mark Tasseel, CTO of CXera. “CXera microsites drive repeatable success and increase productivity by providing structure and instant access to all relevant documents for every meeting.”

From the Google Chrome Web Store, you can now download CXera for Google to generate a digital microsite with one click when creating a Google meeting invitation.

When planning your next meeting, to improve customer experience and track customer behavior, create a CXera microsite specifically designed for common use cases such as:

  • Customer onboarding
  • Self-service customer training and feedback
  • Delivery and follow-up of customer proposals
  • QBR customer meetings and actions
  • Product launch and updates
  • Drive customer renewal and expansion

CXera for Google seamlessly integrates into your workday to enhance every meeting and event you host, with templates designed to improve customer experience and ongoing engagement. These templates include targeted communication banners, prescriptive checklists, status, direct questions to engage, technology integrations including Google Drive, and other self-service features to meet needs. discrete from each client organization.

“Love ’em or hate ’em, business meetings are everywhere and everyone’s schedule reflects that,” said Mark Tasseel, CTO of CXera. “Sometimes deciding whether you can fit another meeting into your busy schedule is determined by the details of the meeting invite. If you use Google Calendar, you can simultaneously generate a CXera digital Experience Site™ and embed a link hypertext when you create an invitation, increasing productivity by providing structure and instant access to all relevant documents for each meeting.

To learn more about CXera for Google, visit the Chrome Web Store or request a trial here.

About CXera

CXera is a technology company focused on revolutionizing the B2B customer experience (CX) through digital experience microsites that help you communicate, collaborate, act, and continuously improve your customer success. As a pioneer of the Customer Everboarding concept, CXera integrates with popular services such as Zoom, Google, and Slack to enable one-click digital experience creation. The CXera solution enables companies to deliver personalized Experience Sites™ using their existing workflows and start improving their CX today.

CXera: Embed, Develop, Everboard.

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