8 steps to filling your fall content calendar


As the weather gets colder, the days grow shorter, and the anticipation of the holidays begins to loom, you may be thinking of ways to move forward before the new season begins.

When it comes to your marketing content, there are some simple steps you can take right now to get results in the fall and prepare for success in the months to come.

And the best part is, these steps won’t get in the way of all the important work you’re already involved in.

Ready to fill your fall content calendar? Here are eight steps you can take:

1. Create a schedule

The best way to overcome your content challenges is to come up with a plan that works for you.

Track your social media plans this fall by creating and sticking to a content calendar. Don’t overestimate the amount of time and energy you can devote to your content program. To be realistic.

You can accomplish a lot just by being consistent. Having a schedule is only half the battle; following it is something completely different.

2. Find your inspiration

If you aren’t excited about the content you create, the people who see it are unlikely to be inspired to take action.

The good news is that there are tons of content inspiration sources you can tap into throughout the fall months.

Check out the cheat sheet below for tons of new content ideas:

3. Tap into seasonal subjects and traditions

Depending on where your business is located, there are a number of fall activities that your audience can relate to.

Look for opportunities to use these seasonal topics and traditions to engage your audience in a timely and relevant way. It can humanize your business and help customers connect with you in a whole new way.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Fall activities. The new season means new colors, activities, weather and foods. Create content inspired by the things that make this season special for you.
  • Soccer. For many American homes, fall weekends are all about high school, college, or professional football games. Share your best tailgating recipes or a ‘touch-worthy’ tip for getting the most out of your weekend.
  • Purchases. A lot of shopping takes place in the fall – from back-to-school shopping, to Halloween candy and costume shopping, to the biggest shopping days for the holidays. Provide your fans and followers with content that helps with fall budgeting, smart ways to shop, or ways to save money with DIY projects.

4. Reallocate existing assets

Remember that anything you share on social media or in your newsletter doesn’t have to be new.

By reusing the great content you already own and delivering it in new ways, you can make the most of the content you have already created. Not only will you save time, but you can help create brand consistency, build authority, and increase awareness in a whole new way.

5. Share someone else’s content

Chances are, you already have places to look for entertaining and informative content online.

When you find something that you think will be of interest to your audience as well, don’t be afraid to share it! It’s an easy way to fill your calendar with content and can also help position your business as a source of valuable information.

6. Build the holiday buzz early

The holidays may seem far away now, but they will be here before you know it.

With your social media schedule planned ahead and ready to go, you can take one of your biggest marketing responsibilities off your to-do list and focus on your other holiday marketing plans.

Beyond the usual hustle and bustle around major traditional festivals, don’t forget the great shopping days that kick off the season:

  • Black friday – November 28e
  • Small Business Saturday – November 29e
  • Cyber ​​monday – 1st Decemberst

Talking about Black Friday or Small Business Saturday – rather than specific holidays – in September or October is a great way to start preparing your customers for the season.

7. Look at the calendar

Beyond the major holidays in November and December, there are a ton of lesser-known days that occur during the fall months. Here are a few you should know:

fall calendar

To find out about other vacations that may be more relevant to your business, visit Days of the year Where Holiday Sneak Peek– two of my favorite resources.

8. Challenge yourself

Okay, you’ve set a timeline and found the ideas and inspiration you need to fill your calendar with content, now it’s time to challenge yourself to make sure you’re actually seeing things.

At Constant Contact, we recently launched our 30 Day Social Media Content Challenge. It’s a fun way to challenge yourself to create new content on a regular basis.

You can use our challenge as a way to start, or create your own challenge to make sure you get things right.

Ready to start?

Don’t wait to start planning for the coming months. Before you know it, the seasons will change again and the holidays will be here!

With these 8 tips in mind, filling out your fall content will be a snap!


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