7 Jobs and Services the Virtual Assistant Should Offer to Grow a Business

  • Virtual assistants are essential to growing and managing small businesses across the country.
  • They take on tasks such as email management, payment processing, and content creation.
  • Here are seven tasks all virtual assistants should expect to perform, according to Six Assistants.

From email management to social media strategy, virtual assistants take on tasks crucial to the success of a growing business — and they’re constantly changing.

“It’s no longer a VA just a little bit of administrative support,” said Laura Licursi, founder of virtual assistant agency Elite Virtual Assistants. “They can really be that driving force that will take you to the next level as an entrepreneur, as a business owner.”

As the pandemic sent employees home, flexible working hours became an increasingly important perk, leading to widespread acceptance of remote working. In a Gallup survey in September, 67% of white-collar workers said they worked exclusively from home. In a separate survey conducted last spring, 91% of respondents working remotely at least some of the time said they hoped to continue doing so after the pandemic.

Virtual assistance, a decades-old profession, has become a newly sought-after solution — and veteran VAs say there are core skills every VA needs to know to run a successful business.

“The role will definitely be a little different for each VA,” said Mary Carrasquillo, who runs her own VA business, Create with MKC. Some companies, for example, need help with calendar management; others need social media marketing. “It all depends on the type of client you work with,” she said.

Insider spoke to six current virtual assistants to find out which skills are in high demand these days.


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