7 Best Chrome Extensions for Social Media Managers and Marketers


There are several Chrome extensions that can make your job easier if you’re a manager or social media manager.

Whereas hubspot and 99signals.com have provided lists of tools to publish and track content performance, we have selected our favorite Chrome extensions which we can highly recommend due to their useful features.

Watch them below!


With Buffer, sharing content on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages is simpler and easier. If you’re a Buffer customer, you can also use the extension to schedule posts directly from your browser, eliminating the need to visit Buffer’s website. Additionally, you can schedule posts to be published later.

Get Buffer Extension here


BuzzSumo provides insight into the quality of your content. Click on the extension while on a website to view stats like the number of social shares and backlinks of a piece. Using this tool, you can quickly determine the engagement level of your content. Additionally, you can use BuzzSumo to analyze your competition and find tactics that can increase the likelihood of your content being shared.

Get the BuzzSumo Extension here

Access map

With the Trello Planyway plugin, you can easily integrate a calendar and Gantt chart into your boards. Because it makes it easy to plan and track your content, it’s definitely the perfect tool for creating a social media calendar. Plus, it lets you link your Google calendar to a board so you can organize your posting schedule about upcoming activities.

Get the Planyway extension here

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RiteTag lets you see how hashtags work on Twitter and Facebook. RiteTag evaluates the hashtags you start typing in real time and color codes them once you log in with your Twitter or Facebook credentials.

  • If your hashtag is green, it means it will help people find your content immediately.

  • If your hashtag is blue, it suggests that it will eventually increase the visibility of your content.

  • Your hashtag should be replaced if it’s gray because it’s getting low engagement.

  • If your hashtag is red, use another one because it’s so widely used that your content will get lost in the crowd.

Get the RiteTag Extension here


It provides you with quick insights into a site’s performance. It offers information about a site’s audience demographics, traffic sources, and engagement levels. With the extension installed, you can check your competitors’ profiles and find out how and where they spend the majority of their time.

Get the SimilarWeb extension here


With the help of this social media monitoring tool, you can track the most popular posts in any of your target markets or industries. Check out the latest content on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to see how people are reacting to information already posted. This tool can be used to track brand sentiment and improve your social media marketing activities.

Get the SocialAnalyzer extension here

URL Shortener

Long URLs can make your social media posts look unprofessional. With the URL Shortener extension, you can customize link access, add your own domain name, and specify expiration dates.

Get URL shortener extension here

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