5 Best Workflow Management Software to Increase Efficiency


The workflow management process has been a hot topic since the industrial revolution. Since then, this area has been observed and treated from different angles. The reason is that in many areas there are complex procedures for doing business. Fortunately, today information technology is also involved in this process. Workflow management software can therefore help us increase our efficiency. Today we have a wide selection of such software, and we can choose from. But how to choose the best one that will be functional for our business?

What is the concept of workflow management?

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Workflow management is a complex and comprehensive process. Its importance has become even more significant in the circumstances of today’s life. Namely, without it, today we could hardly function – and above all not achieve the desired efficiency. So let’s first explain what it is and what exactly we mean by the term workflow management. Workflow management can be defined as a set of coordinated tasks that we can perform within a team at the macro or micro level. The workflow itself is done by the team members – while the management part of the name is given to someone who will oversee the whole working procedure. As these are often recurring tasks, it is important to include workflow mapping in the strategy to achieve or improve the desired efficiency.

The Role of Software in Workflow Management

If we want to better understand the entire workflow management procedure, we should know that it consists of several steps. These are input, transformation and output. By input, we mean the things that need to be done to accomplish the required task. Transformation is represented by all the things we do during the task – while output is the end of the task and its end result. Today, in these stages, technology helps us to some extent. Of course, technology can’t do the work for us, but it can help us organize ourselves better and keep track of recurring tasks.

Choosing the Best Workflow Management Software

Using workflow software is now part of everyday life. Of course, when making your choice, you should be guided by certain criteria – and above all, that the selected software is suitable for your business needs. When we talk about the use and selection of software for workflow management, this software should also have certain components because an online workflow management software will be useful for teams performing certain tasks. With all of that in mind, we’ll try to help you choose the best workflow management software. Here are some of our suggestions that we hope will be useful to you.

1. Sirve

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If you want a really good field service management tool designed primarily for the AV and IT niche, this will be a great choice. Sirvez is cloud-based software that will help you digitize your workflow management – and improve how projects run, organize workforce, and more. This software has a wide application – although it was originally developed to meet the needs of the IT market and AV companies. This service offers you a large number of solutions such as documents, templates, custom forms, stickers, etc.

2. Offset

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If you need a precise browser that will integrate your applications, your extensions, as well as your emails, then Shift will be your favorite software. Namely, this software helps you integrate with all the applications that you constantly use. You can build a so-called workspace and easily solve email overload problems. This software has also worked very well for increasing productivity, and many users are happy to recommend it.

3. Hive

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It is perhaps one of the most powerful workflow management tools used by some of the biggest companies in the world. This software is considered an exceptional option for large companies that have multiple teams deployed on different tasks. Extremely efficient in managing workflow – and gives you plenty of opportunities. He is excellent at identifying set and repetitive tasks that go through his system. Forms and portfolios are at your disposal, along with real-time efficiency progress analytics. You also have a calendar, as well as many other features.

4. Smart Leaf

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Smartsheet is a great choice not only when it comes to workflows, but also your team’s resources. This software is based on a very similar system such as Excel. Its main advantage is that it helps teams easily design and implement task resolution steps. Smartsheet is truly an excellent management software that gives you workflow automation in almost all tasks and their phases. Features like task visualization, spreadsheets, etc. are available – and the software is integrated with Microsoft and Google apps.

5. Air table

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This software is a great option if you want Excel-like management software. This tool is used by many – precisely because this similarity makes it easy for them to use this software. Namely, you can use Airtable for all tasks that require databases, working with spreadsheets, etc. Moreover, you have facilitating features such as the Kanban view – which will show you the project in the way that suits you best. There are also various custom templates, gallery, calendar, etc. Overall, this software is easy to use, good in practice – and provides an excellent user experience.

The essential

Workflow management software enables the electronic storage, tracking, and management of work, business tasks, documentation, and other items. Today, they are a necessary aid to the operation of any business, regardless of its size. Sometimes even small businesses find it difficult to organize a team and complete all the tasks. That is why tightly profiled software solutions are of great importance for the functioning and send better efficiency in the work of the companies. Of course, you will choose the software that best suits your business needs. However, when making the final choice, focus on solutions that provide you with useful content, advanced options, functional application, and ease of use. We hope that some of our suggestions will be useful to you.


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