3 Windows apps that help you remember birthdays


Do you quickly build a notorious reputation for constantly forgetting birthdays or failing to plan ahead and give your loved one a birthday present? Your family or friends may forgive you once or twice, but there are only a limited number of second chances they will give you.

To keep it from becoming a habit, here are some carefully selected Windows birthday apps to save you further embarrassment. With these birthday apps on Windows, you’ll get prompt reminders to drop a wish just when the clock strikes midnight.

1. Calendar

With this personal calendar app, you can schedule appointments, set reminders, or manage tasks. That’s why it’s a handy tool that lets you keep up to date with different events, including birthdays.

You can easily access it via its shortcut located at the bottom right corner of your screen. Click the time and date on your taskbar, and a full version of the calendar will appear right on your screen. Press on Show agenda to see the full version.

Once the reminder is set, you will receive a pop-up notification at the bottom of your screen indicating the day and time you set it.

The advantage of using it is that it is simple and already installed on your Windows device. However, if you still feel the need to explore and try third-party apps strictly focused on birthdays, we have a few recommendations.

To download: Mail and Calendar

2. My birthdays

With an easy to use interface, this windows birthday app is specially designed for all the birthdays you want to keep track of. A list of birthday entries (whether name Where by birthday) comes with adorable birthday muffins.

Although they sleep almost all year round, they are not just meant for display. A candle on the muffin with open, smiling eyes means the birthday is today or fast approaching, making them more visible among a list of sleeping muffins.

Users can modify the application Settings and decide when they want to be reminded for each birthday (eg 7 days before the actual date), or let the app send a birthday email directly, wishing your loved one on your behalf. Maybe you can also send them on a virtual cake.

However, MyBirthdays has limited functionality as users cannot import birthdays from their contact list or link the app to social media. While you can compromise and manually enter your loved ones’ birthday details, MyBirthdays is relatively easy to use, making it accessible to people with minimal technical knowledge.

To download: MyBirthdays

3. Birthday Center

True to its name, Birthday Hub is an all-in-one app for all birthday-related activities. He breaks down the birthday list by Recent birthdays (who just passed) and upcoming birthdays, show the month of the birthday and the number of days left for friends’ birthdays, which day it will fall, etc.

Tapping on a friend’s name brings up their display card, revealing their star sign and how old they will be on their next birthday.

Based on the convenience of its users and additional features, there is no need to open the app and search for upcoming birthdays manually. The app is configured to start a live countdown on the start menu tiles a few days before the actual day.

Additionally, users can select an exact time and date when they want to be reminded, which triggers a silent birthday reminder in the notification bar. All of this gives you an edge to plan ahead and maybe surprise your favorites. However, if that’s not possible, here’s how you can celebrate their birthday online in a unique way.

Birthday Hub is packed with features, but some are locked and require in-app purchases before users can fully experience the app. Without the Pro version, users cannot switch between themes, backup and restore Birthday Hub data, sort all contacts by their Zodiac signsetc

However, none of these features hinder the functionality of the app and can still be used as a birthday reminder.

To download: birthday center

Remember birthdays via your phone

Setting birthday reminders on your Windows device is convenient but not always the best choice, especially if you don’t turn on your laptop every day. Also, people go out without their Windows device, but rarely (if ever) without their phone. We usually have our cell phones with us at all times, making them a more convenient alternative for birthday reminders. Read more to see how you can set up a birthday reminder on your Android phone.


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