20 awesome letter T activities for preschool!


Kindergarten is a time to learn shapes, numbers and letters! Have fun teaching those young minds the letter T with super fun activities! As you near the end of the alphabet, keep your kids and students excited with awesome ways to learn the letter T!

1. Alphabet Letter T Preschool Activities and Crafts

Teach kids to have fun with the letter T with these hands-on activities and crafts. This exciting letter will come to life with the help of printable crafts and coloring pages. With easy-to-follow instructions and colorful materials, your child will learn all about the letter T while working on their motor skills!

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2. Letter T Alphabet Printable Activities


T is for the tiger! Help kids learn letters with coloring pages, fun handwriting pages, colorful posters and more! Letter T crafts and printables are a surefire way to teach kids the importance of the 20th letter of the alphabet.

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3. Letter T activities (emerging readers, word worksheets, hubs)


Grab a glue stick and get ready to take off with the letter T! Cut and paste center worksheets and activities make learning fun! What better way for a young child to learn the letters of the alphabet than to see the letter in glue!

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4. Letter T Art Activity Template – T is for Turtle (Crafts)


Use fun alphabet crafts to teach kids about the letter T. With two models, kids will learn letter shapes while building skills that will help them become readers. Time “T” has never been so much fun!

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5. Activities Letter T | Introduction of the letter “T” | Alphabetical recognition | Preschool activities

Technology is here to stay, so let’s use it to teach kids the alphabet! The letter T will become real as children learn the correct letter formation by tracing. This cute letter making video will not only help kids but also parents and teachers.

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6. Letter of the Week – Letter T Theme


Letters of the week are a great way to teach kids about the alphabet! Let letter recognition take flight with these crafts that will introduce letter construction while learning the awesome letter T! Get out the construction paper, glue sticks and popsicle sticks, and watch your students’ imaginations soar as they have fun building letters.

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7. Letter T!


If you’re looking for a way to teach the humanities and introduce subjects like reading, math, and science, then this site is for you! With a printable weekly calendar included plus Letter T activities and fun ideas for kids, it will make learning and teaching fun!

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8. T for Tree: A Letter of the Week Preschool Crafts


T is for Tree Craft in this fun letter crafting activity! All you need to teach pre-writing skills is construction paper, brown paper, glue, buttons, and the free downloadable template. Children will also be able to hear the sound of the letter T as you sing the included nursery rhymes.

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9. Free Printable Letter T Craft Template


The perfect way to teach the letter T sound and upper and lower case T has never been easier! Preschoolers around the world will fall in love with the letter T as they create tigers, sea turtles, trees and more.

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10. Letter T Worksheets for Preschool and Kindergarten


This letter T learning pack is jam-packed with great letter T activities and crafts. With exciting printable activities and printable alphabet creations, kids will focus on words like taco, tornado, teddy bear, table, and tie. This is perfect for young students with a short attention span as it keeps them active and engaged!

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11. Have fun teaching the letter T


Introduce kid-friendly T-themes with activities kids will love. From print, activities, crafts and snacks, your preschooler will be pronouncing and writing the letter T in no time because it will bring the letter to life!

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12. Free Week T Letter No Prep


Build letter recognition and phonics skills while practicing letter identification, letter naming and letter sounds with a variety of activities to help students create the perfect letter by helping them practice the shape letters and more.

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13. Letter T Preschool Activities (and the Free Preschool Lesson Plan T is for the team!)


Teach kids how to create an uppercase and lowercase letter T with toothpicks and more! Using finger muscles to create the letters will help show kids they can do it! Need more ideas? Help them pronounce the letter T by playing the Letter T Sound Bag game. T is for Team is filled with many wonderful activities to help you teach the letter T.

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14. Top 25 Letter T Professions


Children need interaction and play during the early stages of learning. These letter creations offer that and more, because recognizing letters for preschoolers becomes fun and rewarding!

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15. Letter Tt | Phonics for Kids | ABC Sounds | Artistic activity | To learn how to read

Take a trip with Tricky Turkey and learn all about the letter T! With a free downloadable activity sheet and art activity, students can’t wait to discover the next tricks from Tricky Turkey.

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16. Circle Hour Letter T

Help children learn to say a sound letter while they have fun in a circle! This fun video will get students and teachers excited!

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17. Learn the letter T | Let’s learn the alphabet | Phonics song for kids

This alphabet song video letter T will delight kids learning! By practicing phonics and letter formation, kids will sing and rap their way to a world filled with upper and lower case T’s and their importance!

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18. Letter T Printables: Alphabet Learning Worksheets for Preschoolers


This collection of letter T activities will bring smiles to children’s faces! As they identify and work on color coding letters, children will develop a sense of pride in learning the letter T.

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19. Cut and Paste – Letter T Preschool Activity Worksheets


Teach kids the letter T with fun cut and paste activities. For younger kids, skip the cutout altogether and go straight to gluing as they learn to pronounce and recognize the letter T. With many more ideas to choose from, this site will help any preschool teacher or parent teach the letter T .

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20. Alphabet Ideas: Letter T Activities!


These easy-to-make train crafts will delight preschoolers about the letter T! As students cut, color and glue basic shapes to form the choo-choo train, they’ll be talking about the letter T for days. Learning becomes fun with this craft activity.

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