10 printable study schedule templates to keep students on track


Homework is something that every student will eventually face and whether you are 7 or 17 years old it can be a challenge to take the time to do the homework. Some families have a policy that all homework must be completed before recess. Others allow a window of rest at home before tackling the books, but even with these structures in place, keeping track of upcoming assignments and tests can be tricky. This is why so many parents rely on the structure that study calendar templates can provide, so much so that Pinterest has seen a 1600% increase in the search for these types of models this year.

A tool that kids and parents can use together, a study calendar template allows you to keep tabs on all of the many tasks your child has to complete. But because every school or homeschool is unique, and every child learns differently, no one model will fit all learners. Fortunately, Etsy has a ton of options in all kinds of styles that can be printed at home.

For children who must seek to complete their homework in terms of goals, there is a template for this. For others who need reminders to not use their devices and focus on homework, there is a template for that. There are even models that include water cutoff checks to make sure little students remember to stay hydrated. And the best part, you can use these study calendar templates together to check on completed homework and help your kids prepare for the tests. Here is the best of the bunch.

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Distance learning study calendar template

If your child has opted for distance learning this year, you may want to consider this study calendar template designed specifically for distance learning. The 18-page printable planner includes all kinds of important info, like a page just to jot down passwords so no one has to stress – or run around and find a parent – when they need to log into Seesaw. or ABCMouse. A homework management page explains what students need to do, including not only noting the due date but also the time allotted to make sure they get the homework done before the lesson begins.


Daily Study Program Template

For older kids who might need a little more structure, this is a great printable study calendar template. Not only does this provide space to write down homework due dates, but it provides space for a daily purpose and goal so kids can remember why they are doing what they are doing. In addition, this planner comes with a mobile phone usage tracker to make sure their device is not consuming all of their study time. And to manage their free time or extracurricular activities, there’s also a space to jot down the to-do items of the day, whether it’s packing basketball clothes for practice or tuning the violin for an orchestra. .


Minimalist curriculum template

Color coordination can really help young learners understand time management better. And for that, there is this study schedule template. Very simple and straightforward, it is a weekly breakdown of events by the hour. Using pens or colored pencils, you can fill in chunks of time, noting what each is used for. For example, you can color Monday from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. purple and mark it as Reading Review. This way your child knows that every Monday after school they need to revise their reading, whether it’s working on vowels or finishing a chapter in a new storybook.


Goal-Based Study Schedule Template

Want to personalize your child’s model a little? This organizer can be printed in 8 different colors. So if you need one for multiple kids, you can give them each their own color to help you keep track of what’s what. With a sleek and easy-to-read design, they can fill their daily schedule and then on the right side track things like their goal of study hours and their actual time spent studying. By keeping an eye on this number, you can go over a week or a month and see how they are trying to reach their education goals.


Class follow-up study schedule template

Some students see their homework better by class and not by calendar. For these children, this classroom follow-up study program is ideal. It includes space for five color-coded classes, then space to write the teacher’s name, the location of the class, how to reach a teacher, then space to complete homework. Children can then check off what they have completed to make sure they don’t miss any work. And if they forget an assignment, they will have their teacher’s contact information handy, so there will be no excuse not to find what they were supposed to have done.


Child-friendly curriculum template

Do you have a visual learner in your hands? Great. They too may find a study schedule template useful. This one looks perfect for visually inclined young children because it doesn’t just use words, it uses pictures to spell homework. At the top, they can work on learning the days of the month by filling in the bubble for that date. They can circle a small picture for today’s weather, then even circle another happy or sad face to indicate how they are feeling. When it comes to homework tracking, this template simply uses Now, Soon, and Later as metrics for due dates. These terms are much easier for young learners to understand and can help them prioritize work better.


Super simple study schedule template

Want something even simpler than this? This is just a weekly calendar that you can print out at home. If the study schedule template is more for your personal use than that of your child, you might just want to go with this one. With this guide, you can print and reprint pages to put in your own three-ring binder for revising at your leisure. With no special sections to complete, you can enjoy the freedom to document only the essentials, like your child’s homework each week and how much time they need to spend on it – that easy.


Exam and study schedule template set

If your child has entered a phase where test scores really matter and you want to help them prepare for and complete their many lessons stress-free, you need this study schedule template that includes a 7-hour plan. days to follow before exams, as well as pages for daily homework. As any parent will tell their children, having a plan makes all the difference and it can be an important way to ease anxiety. Sit down with this template and help your child put together a plan of attack for each big assignment or test and they will not only be a better student but likely a calmer student as well. This set includes 35 models.


Home study schedule template

Believe it or not, home school students also have homework. When it’s time for an independent study, help your homeschooler get started with this clean and tidy study program template they can easily follow. Empty of hours or dates, it’s really just a board that they can fill with the work they have to do each day. And because the work is often extended on weekends, there is room for that here too. Kids can fill out this page themselves or complete the homework assigned to them by a home teacher, then have it checked off each day to show that the job is done.


Plan timeline study schedule template

Does your student need help learning more about the exact amount of time they spend on a given assignment? This study schedule template includes a chart filled with 5 minute increments. By completing the box, they can keep tabs on how much time they spent down to the minute on anything they are working on after school. Why is this important? This can be a great indicator of what topics they might need more help with or which classes are taking up their time. From there, parents can help a student manage their time better or request additional help or tutoring.

Get your child on the right track with homework by investing in one of these super affordable printed home study calendar templates.

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